Wet and Dry Epilators: Reviewing the Best

silk-epilThe more effective a hair grooming method is, the more painful it can be. Shaving, although almost painless, can be a lot more inefficient and the side effects are just too much to put up with. Thicker hair growths, darker skin in the shaved area, and that is just to name a few. Tweezing is pretty painful, ineffective over large areas and can cause a irritation and ingrown hair, and well lets not even talk about waxing… Epilation, though, considered by many as one of the best methods, it can cause some discomfort, especially for the first few sessions. But as you grow accustomed to the pain, it becomes bearable, and the results are worth it.

There are certain epilators that indicate “dry” while some indicates “wet” or both. This only refers to the environment you can use the epilator within. When it doesn’t indicate anything, we automatically assume that it is a “dry” only epilator. This means that you can’t get it wet (no really, don’t get it wet!). This may cause your epilator to breakdown and stop functioning altogether, or worse. It also means that the area where you’ll use the epilator should be dry. The advantage of dry epilators relies on the function. Dry epilation tend to pull out hair effectively as it doesn’t stick that much to your skin.

There are certain epilators that has the best of both worlds. You can use it dry, or you can use it wet. This means you can groom even while taking a shower, relaxing in the tub, or just doing it in the sink. Having the option to use the product underwater has a lot to do with your pain tolerance. If you find epilating really painful, you should consider applying warm water to the area before you do it. The warm water will help regulate more blood in the area and will keep it moist to prevent irritation.

Quick Review: Braun SE7681 Silk-Epil Wet and Dry

If you’re looking to buy an epilator that functions in both dry and wet environment, the Braun SE7681 Wet and Dry Epilator may well be your best bet. Manufactured by one of the leading brands in hair grooming, the functionality is top of the line. With built-in 40 close-grip tweezers, a lot of its users’ reviews are statements of how awesome this little monster is. Can remove hair even as fine as sand (0.5mm) and the area stays smooth for up to 4 weeks, impressive by anybody’s standards. Battery-operated, so great for taking away with you if needs be, and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous epilating session. Though a little pricey, this may be your go-to epilator with its awesome features and versatility.

Surely, Braun has made a winning move with this epilator. It is by far the most sought after epilator in the market nowadays and a lot of women just love it. Functionality wise, I think it’s the best. Although the price is somewhat heavy, considering the previous version is of the same quality. The add-ons are pretty generic and that’s what made the price higher than the previous release.

A Cheaper Alternative…

Remington EP7030

Just a quick note on this model from Remington, too. Our budgets don’t all extend to enough to buy the Braun model already discussed, but this offers a great alternative for almost half the price. It isn’t quite up to the standard of the Braun, but a flexible head to account for the shape and contour of your body, a detail light to help you finding even really tiny, hard to reach hairs, and 40 tweezers claiming to create up to 6 weeks of smooth skin, this option certainly shouldn’t be disregarded.

The epilator featured is a winner, because it has excellent functionality, flexibility (since you can use it almost anywhere). Being able to epilate under running water significantly reduces pain and it’s good especially for people who have low pain tolerance.