The Best, most Painless Epilators

braun painless epilatorsEpilators were designed to solve the problem of excess Hair Growth which makes people both male and female feel low on confidence. So now with the introduction of epilators, one can epilate and remove their thick and excessive hair at home in virtually no time which provide lasting smoothness to their skin up to 4 weeks and also have long term effects as the re-growth of the hair becomes softer and finer after each session. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, Epilators are definitely a case of ‘no pain no gain’ and can cause some discomfort, which is why today we’re looking at the most painless models you can get. Often the more tweezers it has (usually between 30 and 100), and the quicker the epilator is designed to work, the better it is at keeping the painful process down.

Some of the best epilators for painless or less painful epilation are as follows:

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezers Head Epilator:

This epilator has 72 tweezers heads, which aid the removal of stubborn and coarse hair quickly and almost completely painlessly. It also has the tag of being the first Epilator on the market to offer Silver Ion Technology and Staggered heads. According to market research, it works brilliantly on the thick hair and continually makes the hair thinner and softer. Women say that it is easier to use and it is also less painful. The Emjoi Ap-18, in spite of not being a wet and dry model, is definitely one of the less painful models.

Braun SE3170 Silk-épil 3 Soft Perfection Epilator

Silk-épil Soft Perfection provides a soft and gentle approach to this method of removing hair. It features a  four-way intelligent pain softener to help with the sometimes painful process of epilation. Its two rollers have tiny nodes and are designed to relax, almost numb the sensitive areas of skin in order to prevent pain while the Silk Epil plucks out your hairs, even those as short as 0.5 millimeters, keeping your skin smooth for roughly a month after use. This model comes with my top recommendation, it is gentle and reduces the pain and discomfort that some other epilators, and definitely other methods of hair-removal (such as waxing, ouch!) cause.

Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator:

The modern woman is normally extremely busy! So Braun created this model, the Silk-epil X’elle – a 40-tweezer Epilator that removes even those stubborn, darker and more coarse hair and can provide smooth, hair free skin for many weeks. It includes an impressive 40 tweezers on one rotating drum.

The X’elle has impressively designed active massage rollers that stimulate your skin whilst the hair is being plucked to intelligently and effectively reduce any chance of a painful, uncomfortable experience.

Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator:

The epilator prides itself on having the World’s only “moisturizing comfort technology”  it allows the tweezers to remove each hair whilst moisturizing which really aids any pain and provides a lot of relief, you wont even know you’re using it half of the time. Two different settings allow the removing of either thick or thinner hairs. The second, precision head is designed for use on the face and other more detailed areas.

Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator

Braun epilators are generally considered a lot less painful than most of the other brands. Their amazing Silk épil 7 is a Dual epilator with Venus technology to deal with even your thickest hair. The epilator removes straight from its root and integrated blades then deal with any leftover hairs which seem to refuse to go away (trust me, it happens). Braun Silk-épil 7 dual is even suitable for being used under water in the shower or bath in order to fit easily into your beauty regime. It removes your hair effectively without causing much pain at all.

There is always an element of pain in this process, it is unfortunately the price we pay for smooth skin, but the process is far more effective than many others and especially with the models above, certainly doesn’t have to be agonizing.