The Best Affordable Epilators: Cheap Epilators Up To The Task

emjoi divineIn the grooming industry, hair products are among those that are the most expensive, even the products for making unwanted hair go away and the tools we use to make that happen. Unless we undergo a surgical procedure to permanently stop hair from growing (which is pretty expensive, by the way), cheap Epilators are probably our best bet for keeping our hair in control without a huge outlay.

Some do shaving, some do waxing, while some hires professionals or goes to salons. In a nutshell, we all are looking for a way to weed out unwanted hair, and do it not so often. We all value our time, after all.

Luckily, epilating has been introduced in the scene. It’s effective as it pulls out the hair from the root, and we need not do it after, for usually another four weeks or so. The results that this method of grooming promises are really great, but the epilators can sometimes break the bank, especially those that offers a great deal of features. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out the top 3 best cheap products that will give you almost the same results, if not the same, that pricey epilators can deliver.

Emjoi Divine Hair Remover

This Epilator is one of the cheapest to come with full features. A lot of the cheaper epilators may be smaller or battery powered, not the case with the Emjoi divine which has 36 tweezers, so, unlike some of the other cheaper epilators, this can deal with large areas such as legs.

Emjoi Tweeze

Epilating is a painful process. Imagine pulling out a bunch of hair all at the same time. Emjoi Tweeze makes it more bearable. It’s gentle to the skin and is compact and portable so you can bring it anywhere you go. Battery-operated and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous usage. The head is relatively small compared to a lot of other epilators which can help pinpoint precision. Value for money. $20.

Epilady Face Epil

Made by the pioneer in bodily grooming, Epilady Face Epil is a little monster. With 6 tweezers tuned to remove even the finest and coarsest hair in the body, it is great to use for both facial hair and hair in the more sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini area. Battery-operated and a small design for portability as it can easily fit in bags, pouches, etc. $25 isn’t that bad of a price considering what this little lady can do.

Bonus Product:


Bellabe can be considered as the simplest product mentioned here. The epilating process is still followed but it doesn’t use electricity. Comes in a variety of colors, Bellabe is made up of two handles and a spring in the middle which captures the hair by forming an upside down “U” using the two handles. Put it in the hair you want to pull out, roll the handles with the thumb, and hair is gone. $17.

Who says epilating is expensive? These epilators we’ve listed are the cheapest and the most affordable but can really get the job done. That’s why a lot of people go towards this method. You could do it virtually anywhere: at the comfort of your own home, while travelling, while at work, or even while you’re picking stuff up for grocery. And with these affordable yet quality options, you never have to worry about going outside your budget.