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Remington EP7030 Epilator Review

7030Are you tired of that boring hair that seems to pop out from unwanted places? Don’t be discouraged! All you need to do is to make sure you epilate those areas on regular basis. Epilating has proven to be one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair, and has many benefits. During time the hair will get tired. Some of them will become lazy and will grow slower; some will even die as they would see that there is no point in growing if you are going to remove them anyway. Well in order to remove them efficiently you will need to get yourself a quality epilator. And lucky for you we have the right one that will put an end to your misery.

Remington’s EP7030 Epilator is a simple looking but very practical little device. It consists of 40 tweezers that will easily remove the hair and prevent them from growing in the next six weeks. It has two speeds that can be switched depending on the length or strength of your hair. It is convenient both for face and body epilation. Bear in mind that in order for the epilator to work it must be charged. Once it is fully charged remove it from the power adapter. The epilator will not work until you unplug it. This is for your own safety as this epilator can also be used under the shower. The power adapter comes included in the epilator package.

Being a Wet and Dry Epilator has benefits not just for keeping it clean, but for usage too, as showering has been shown to help with the pain of the process and even avoid the risk of ingrown hairs afterwards.

The tweezers are perfectly set to remove even the shortest hair. During the process of removal the head will massage your skin which will significantly decrease the unpleasant feeling or the possibility of irritation of your skin. The head will adjust according to the contours of the area you treat making sure all hair is gone. In addition it has a superior plucking capacity so you can remove more hair at once and at the same time it decreases the time needed for the entire process of epilation. A light is also installed on the epilator which reveals even the hidden hair that hoped to get away.

The head of the epilator can be removed for easy cleaning. In addition the epilator comes with a cleaning brush to make sure the hair is not stuck in the epilator. It is recommended that you clean the epilator after every use as that will extend its life cycle and make sure it serves you well for a longer period of time.

Hopefully this short review has helped you see the benefits of buying an epilator. Having an epilator at home gives you the opportunity to remove the hair any time you want and to make sure you always have soft and hairless skin. It is very easy to use and even easier to clean. Just make sure to follow the provided instructions and your skin will be grateful. This epilator has a very affordable price and it will save you a lot of time and money because once you buy it you will no longer have to go to the expensive beauty salons for a simple procedure such as the hair removal.

EP6010 – Remington Smooth and Silky Review – Full Size Epilator

remington ep6010Remington are one of the top manufacturers of grooming products, both male and female, and their foray into a relatively new product line, Epilators, has been very successful. In this post we take a microscopic look at the Remington Smooth and Silky full size epilator, one of the best selling products of its type, and probably the highest selling Remington epilator that there is. So, does it live up to its hype? Is this one of the best or a total flop? Lets look in detail at the Smooth and Silky.


This epilator offers some top features that would rival any other product of its type at this pricing point:

  • Dual Speeds. This is something offered by many products these days, the purpose of dual speed is so that it can be changed depending on whether the hair in question is coarse or fine. This means different areas of your body may require different speeds.
  • Curved head. The idea behind this is that your body, and the areas in question, aren’t going to be flat, so a flat head can make things tough, a curved head is great for areas like legs especially, making this one of the best epliators for legs.
  • 42 tweezers. Quite a high number of tweezers meaning this can handle large chunks of hair at a time, and quickly (we don’t want this process to last longer than it has to)
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee. This shows the confidence Remington have in their product, and gives you peace of mind for two years of use.
  • Corded use only. Not a problem for most of us, cordless would be a really great benefit but it isn’t always imperative. Other models do offer cordless use but are usually a little more expensive.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews on Amazon

This is one of the most widely reviewed Epilators and the vast majority are positive! Inevitably, its going to be a little painful at first, but the day a painless epilator is released is the day all others become redundant! The price is a big plus point in many reviews, whereas other products similar to the EP6010 Smooth and Silky may top $100, but this can be picked up for nearly half this price, making it a good value product too. As you continue to use the Remington, it becomes less and less painful, the hair that grows back will be more fine and eventually it will feel like second nature, rather than being an experience you dread!


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the price of this epilator is one of its major selling points, $60 being a price point you can often find on Amazon for this product, where it has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, very respectable for the EP6010. Remington know what they’re doing, and there’s no questioning their ability when it comes to grooming products, this is the latest in a successful line, and comes with our recommendation!

Wet and Dry Epilators: Reviewing the Best

silk-epilThe more effective a hair grooming method is, the more painful it can be. Shaving, although almost painless, can be a lot more inefficient and the side effects are just too much to put up with. Thicker hair growths, darker skin in the shaved area, and that is just to name a few. Tweezing is pretty painful, ineffective over large areas and can cause a irritation and ingrown hair, and well lets not even talk about waxing… Epilation, though, considered by many as one of the best methods, it can cause some discomfort, especially for the first few sessions. But as you grow accustomed to the pain, it becomes bearable, and the results are worth it.

There are certain epilators that indicate “dry” while some indicates “wet” or both. This only refers to the environment you can use the epilator within. When it doesn’t indicate anything, we automatically assume that it is a “dry” only epilator. This means that you can’t get it wet (no really, don’t get it wet!). This may cause your epilator to breakdown and stop functioning altogether, or worse. It also means that the area where you’ll use the epilator should be dry. The advantage of dry epilators relies on the function. Dry epilation tend to pull out hair effectively as it doesn’t stick that much to your skin.

There are certain epilators that has the best of both worlds. You can use it dry, or you can use it wet. This means you can groom even while taking a shower, relaxing in the tub, or just doing it in the sink. Having the option to use the product underwater has a lot to do with your pain tolerance. If you find epilating really painful, you should consider applying warm water to the area before you do it. The warm water will help regulate more blood in the area and will keep it moist to prevent irritation.

Quick Review: Braun SE7681 Silk-Epil Wet and Dry

If you’re looking to buy an epilator that functions in both dry and wet environment, the Braun SE7681 Wet and Dry Epilator may well be your best bet. Manufactured by one of the leading brands in hair grooming, the functionality is top of the line. With built-in 40 close-grip tweezers, a lot of its users’ reviews are statements of how awesome this little monster is. Can remove hair even as fine as sand (0.5mm) and the area stays smooth for up to 4 weeks, impressive by anybody’s standards. Battery-operated, so great for taking away with you if needs be, and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous epilating session. Though a little pricey, this may be your go-to epilator with its awesome features and versatility.

Surely, Braun has made a winning move with this epilator. It is by far the most sought after epilator in the market nowadays and a lot of women just love it. Functionality wise, I think it’s the best. Although the price is somewhat heavy, considering the previous version is of the same quality. The add-ons are pretty generic and that’s what made the price higher than the previous release.

A Cheaper Alternative…

Remington EP7030

Just a quick note on this model from Remington, too. Our budgets don’t all extend to enough to buy the Braun model already discussed, but this offers a great alternative for almost half the price. It isn’t quite up to the standard of the Braun, but a flexible head to account for the shape and contour of your body, a detail light to help you finding even really tiny, hard to reach hairs, and 40 tweezers claiming to create up to 6 weeks of smooth skin, this option certainly shouldn’t be disregarded.

The epilator featured is a winner, because it has excellent functionality, flexibility (since you can use it almost anywhere). Being able to epilate under running water significantly reduces pain and it’s good especially for people who have low pain tolerance.