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Best Epilators for Sensitive Skin – Avoid Skin Irritation

wetdryWe know that skin care is one of the most important aspects of beauty, and many of us go to some lengths to get our skin to the perfection. If you suffer with sensitive skin, this can be a real curse and make things incredibly difficult. You can try various creams after epilating but that is not a definite solution. Epilators that are of a high enough quality not give you a skin care nightmares are sometimes tough to find, so we’ve done the leg work for you! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top three epilators that will amaze you both in their quality and in the field of skin care.

Phillips HP6401

Phillips is known as one of the biggest electronics companies out there and they have entered the hair removal niche, so it is little surprise to find a great product at a great price. You will be amazed how something this little can achieve so much. It has 21 tweezers with two speed mode, a washable head and corded use. The HP 6401 will make your skin smooth as silk, and though no Epilator is completely painless, this is one of the better models for this. There is an ergonomic handle so it can never slip from your hand. The price of Philips HP6401 is very reasonable and it is one of the best models if you’re on a budget.

Panasonic ES-WD51-P

Meet the next solid option that comes up when it is time to choose a good quality machine that won’t damage your skin. Panasonic ES-WD is the best friend of your delicate skin. It has many features that you will find useful. Forty-eight tweezers with one speed mode, an easy washable head and it is cordless so you it is easy to use. The main features that make it good for your skin are that it is wet and dry so it can be used in the shower or bath, this is really helpful to your skin and also is known to reduce pain. Also, is a rotatable so it can get the job done even in difficult areas, meaning it doesn’t snag or annoy your skin. Excellent reviews all over the internet show you that the Panasonic is one of the top models on the market, and worth the extra cost.

Braun 7861 Silk Epil

Braun is the most famous epilator maker out there and it is our number one choice when dealing with sensitive skin. They did name it silk for a good reason as its touch is as smooth as silk and your skin will be grateful that you had decided to purchase Braun 7861 Silk Epil. Many features are included such as 40 tweezers with 2 speed mode, pivoting and washable head and it is wet and dry, which as already mentioned above is very helpful. It also has a light to ensure a thorough job and not missing any stubborn hairs and it is light to carry so that is another great thing about Braun 7861 Silk Epil. We have a full review of the Series 7 Epilator here on the site, which shows why it truly is one of the best of its type on the market.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a problem with these top notch epilators, they will help you get that annoying but necessary hair removal done and make you look as million dollars, the options above provide you with a few different pricing points, and as you may expect the more you spend, the more features you have at your disposal – you just need to choose the one that you like the best. We hope that we helped you in making that choice.

The Best Epilators For Your Bikini Line Reviewed

bikiniEpilators are the modern and efficient way to remove unwanted hair, and perhaps the most unwanted hair of all for a woman is around the bikini line. Epilators are generally designed to be good at providing smooth skin, but some do the job better than others, and that is why a little consideration is required when deciding on an epilator for one of the more delicate areas, your Bikini Line

The area around your Bikini Line is sensitive so a little though is require while purchasing a suitable model. Though some people opt to use a regular Epilator for the bikini line as well, there are plenty of bikini line specific ones available in the market. Picking out the best can be quite the challenge. With so many options available shopping might be a challenge so we have compiled a list of 3 best Epilators for Bikini Line.

Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler

First, the Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler. A battery operated model. Available in pink and white, this is among the most affordable bikini line epilators. This product has great reviews and people like the sleek size and its user-friendly properties. Many have said that this model is good for facial hair and other areas as well as the bikini line, with eyebrows being another area you can easily sculpt with this small hair removal tool. Designed to remove hair in the more intricate area of the body, it is not the best quality of the three models, however it is great value for money as it is the cheapest on our list.

Emjoi Epi Slim

The Emjoi Epi Slim Hair Remove Epilator is cordless, portable and ideal for the more delicate areas. Reviews suggest that the epilator does a very good job. 9 Tweezers mean that this is a small model. It has an excellent motor, which is definitely an advantage which means it will remove hair more efficiently and importantly, less painfully! This makes it good for delicate areas, and the bikini line is definitely one of those! As well as this, you can use it on facial areas, underarm, eyebrows and more. We have a full written review of the Epi Slim here. It definitely comes with our recommendation.

Philips HP6378

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer is possibly the most impressive of all! Cordless, available in opal and aqua and is another quality and dependable hair removal device. Most of the reviews state that the epilator does a wonderful job in grooming the bikini line. It has an exceptional range of features, with six different attachments for different body parts and functions. This doubles up as a trimmer and a shaver too, making it good value for money if you need this to be versatile. This is a wet and dry model too, meaning you can use it in the shower or out, which can be helpful when it comes to both mess and comfort.

If you like to sort items by price when you shop then note that the items are listed starting the most affordable option. The general consensus with these epilators is that they are specifically designed to groom the bikini line and do a good job in doing so. The Braun is something of a value model, whilst the other two offer a bit more luxury in terms of functions and ability. You can choose which is the best option for you. Even though there are multiple options available in the market choosing the right product for you can be a little difficult. We hope this list does a good job in providing you with some of the most popular bikini line epilators available in the market.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator Review

hp6576Philips manufacture a huge range of products, from grooming products such as Epilators to garden equipment! So, does the HP6576 Satin Perfect live up to their company’s huge reputation? How does it compare to the other hair removal products we review here on bestepilatorguide?


It should be said straight off the bat that this is one of the more pricey Epilators, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t value for money, plus it will last you a long time, coming with a two year warranty from the manufacturer. If you’re looking for a cheaper, more budget model, something from the Emjoi range may be more suited to your needs, you may however have to compromise on features if you choose to go cheaper, but if you’re simply looking for the best quality, keep reading…


Philips have gone all out with the HP6576 and have tried to create a luxury model of Epilator. They’ve succeeded. The feature list is impressive, and they’ve thought of almost everything in terms of both quality and comfort. Of course, it needs to have something to offer considering you may be paying north of $100 for it, but not many who have invested in one of these will find themselves disappointed. Full features list:

  • Ceramic discs designed to remove even the finest hairs. No hairs will be missed by this model as it slides along your skin. The discs are hypo-allergenic and will help to avoid the irritation some hair removal products will unfortunately cause.
  • Active hairlifter. This is a vibration technique that will pull your flat lying hairs upright so that they are removed by the tweezers within the epilator, this creates a more thorough trim and again makes sure there are no leftover hairs.
  • A massage system is in place which is designed to stimulate and even soothe the skin to avoid discomfort.
  • Washable head. One of the most annoying aspects of this way of removing hair can be the clean up afterwards, but with a washable head, you can simply and easily get rid of the debris that will inevitably be left over in your machine.
  • Multiple heads for length. Choose whether you want to take it all off or simply trim or style your hair, simply by replacing the head.
  • Cordless. This is a huge feature that many people are looking for. This no-expense-spared Philips model can be used for forty minutes cordless, which is great for weekends away or just taking for an overnight stay somewhere. It only takes an hour to fully charge.
  • A built in ‘opti-light’ is in place to help you see all of the finest hairs and make sure you remove them accurately.
  • Two different speeds for your personal preference.

Whats in the Box?

The kit is very pleasing on the eye and shows the quality on offer. It comes with, as you would expect, a charger, a cleaning brush, all of the attachments we have already mentioned and a storage pouch. The design of the products is great, and they look like a high quality product. Though this is not the number one aspect we judge on, its nice to have something that looks good when taking it out and about.



Met almost unanimously with good reviews, this model, though not the least painful on the market, is one of the most effective. Philips have focused on effectiveness and features such as the light, multiple heads and clever ways to remove fine hairs make this one of the top Epilators out there when it comes to doing what it is designed for, removing hair! It comes with a two year warranty, so the manufacturer is clearly confident of its build quality, and it is unlikely you’ll be disappointed with the results. Any pain can be minimized with creams and other products, eliminating the one downside of the HP6576. Definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

philips hp6401When it comes to Epilators, Philips are one of the top manufacturers out there, and most prolific, which is proved with the Philips HP6401 Satinelle, which at the time of writing is the best selling Epilator on Amazon. So does it live up to the hype?

About the Company

In case you didn’t already know, Philips are an absolute giant in the world of consumer electronics, producing everything from kitchen appliances to, well, epilators! Founded over 100 years ago, the company pride themselves on quality and simplicity throughout their massive range.


The first thing to mention about the Satinelle is the price. Philips have obviously looked to hit a more affordable area of the market, and while most epilators will be close to, or above $100, this is available for less than half of that price, but is it quality and reliable or is it simply a cheaply made option for those of us not wanting to splash the cash on our grooming? An excellent question…

Features of the HP6401

Dual Speed. Impressively, this product offers multiple speeds, this is in place so that you can choose depending on which area you are focusing on, and the more sensitive areas may require the ‘gentle’ speed to reduce the pain of the experience. Looking to epilate larger areas such as legs? Turn up the speed and whizz through if you can handle it.

Although this is not a wet and dry model (can’t be put underwater or used in the shower) it does have a washable head, which makes the cleanup operation 100 times easier! This is something everyone who buys this product will be thankful for after a use or two.

As you would expect, it removes hair from the root and leaves your skin feeling super smooth, it boasts removal of hairs just 0.5 mm long, which means you can get really close to the skin with the tweezers. 21 Hypoallergenic discs are in place to avoid the skin of the areas in question getting irritated during use.

The Satinelle HP6401 is designed to be a full body Epilator, to remove hairs as painlessly as possible in all areas of the body, there aren’t a lot of places where this struggles even when compared to the more expensive models on the market.

The use of the product is corded, which is fine for most of us but may not be ideal for traveling. It is the cheapest in a whole range of sister products from Philips, some of which offer more complex features, but for a basic trimmer, this could be the one for you.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews

hp6401 useThere is a reason this is the number one seller (at time of writing) on Amazon’s Hair Removal section. A 4 star average mark out of 5 is really incredible for a product offering such great value. While a few reviews have claimed that this struggles on coarser hair, most of us have not had this problem at all, and there are hundreds of great reviews both from females and males! There are more five star reviews than any other ratings.


Easy to use, versatile, leaves your skin smooth and avoids irritation, this Epilator ticks a lot of boxes, considering that it is available under the $50 mark, you can’t go too far wrong. Is this the best Epilator ever made? No. Is it a great option for those of us on a budget? Absolutely! Comes with our recommendation for those of you looking for a value product, the Philips HP6401 doesn’t disappoint.

The Best Travel Epilators: Epilating On The Go!

philipsFor people who are always on-the-go, the most crucial part of the day is preparation. Especially for business people who handle a lot of meetings,  models that live off of looking good all the time and just everyone who takes pride in their appearance, there’s no more important thing than the way they groom themselves before they start their days. Hence, we bring you this article on travel epilators.

Let’s be honest. Unwanted hair, especially in the facial area, is an awful sight whenever we look in the mirror. And this even becomes that great of a deal especially when we go travelling. No matter what the reasons are, for vacation, for work, for business, travelling leaves us in a pickle when it comes to how to trim those rough edges that needs proper grooming. Luckily, there are epilators that cater to the needs of travel people.

Best Travel Epilators

Here, we list a few products that will surely help you keep that unwanted hair in-check, and make you more confident in presenting yourself all the time, wherever and whenever. For a woman, there’s nothing more frustrating than having the need to groom in the legs and bikini area just before a swim. Or for an executive who wears a beard that’s just all over the place and sideburns that makes him/her look disheveled and poorly groomed.

Braun SE7681 Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Compact and easy to carry, this monster is one of the best –sellers of the Braun epilators line. With 40 tweezers aligned, this can help you groom almost any area of the body with less the pain from the high-frequency massage it also gives. You can use it virtually anywhere even in the tub since it is waterproof. Rechargeable and can last up to 40 minutes of continuous usage. You can use it whenever, day or night, with its built-in smartlight. It’s surely worth your $105.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Has a bit of a fatter head than its Braun counterpart, but doesn’t lose in quality. Instead of metal discs, Philips used ceramic textured material which better removes hair even the finest ones, also less painful. Can also last up to 40 minutes and has a built-in smartlight as well. However, you can only use this dry. To compensate, this epilator is easier to clean with its detachable head, comes with a travel pouch for $105.

Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim Travel Compact Epilator

If there’s an epilator that’s specifically designed for travel, this is it. The most compact and slimmest epilator ever conceived, it is easy to carry and easy to store, designed with a smaller head for a more accurate grooming session. Battery-operated so you can use it anytime. It also comes with a brush for easy cleaning. Your $24.95 is surely well spent with this.


We all know that looking good while travelling is pretty hard to maintain but with dealing with those unwanted facial hair, you’re at least one step closer to that goal. An epilator to bring depends really on your personal opinions, so take your pick and test them out. There is something for every price range within our list, so whatever your budget you’ll have a travel option for your grooming needs.


Best Epilator Brands


best brands epilatorEpilation is a way to remove hair almost anywhere on the body all the way down to its very root. Common methods of epilation include waxing, epilators such as the appliances we review on the site, electrolysis and IPL or laser hair removal.

Epilator devices have tiny, rotating tweezer attachments that pinch and pull hair out at the bottom. They are now the first choice for long lasting smooth skin, which is why the competition in the market has recently increased so much that now it is difficult to choose the right one. But these are some of the most common and best selling brands which are listed as follows:


Braun Silk-épil is the best-selling epilator brand in the world. And is one of the best in the world. It uses the very latest technology which fulfills your individual needs and fits easily into your beauty routine. They have a highly reliable and innovative range of products like Silk-épil 1, Silk-épil 3, Silk-épil 5 & Silk-épil 7 and has introduced epilators first of its kind like Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Skin (so now you can use epilator while taking shower; Woah! so easy and relaxing). The latest new-generation epilator from Braun removes even the shortest hair the size of a grain of sand (0.5mm) for ultimate, long-lasting smoothness.


Remington epilators also considered to be one of the leading epilator brands. It is super effective and easy to use and has superior tweezers technology and a head designed to curve to the contours of a female body, and catch the shortest hairs on your body to leave you hair free and silky smooth for weeks. Even it has introduced precision light technology to help spot even the smallest hairs. Remington products are generally reliable and worth parting with a little cash for.


Emjoi has also emerged as a good epilator brand .It has recently introduced Emjoi AP-18MS Epilator; the first epilator designed and labeled especially for men. Moreover along with that it also launched the same women epilator without shaver and trimmer option. With 72 quality tweezers, which is possibly most in the market, it is designed in a way to be able to epilate the thicker hair of men and to remove the larger amount of hair at once. Metal plates, an interchangeable trimmer and shaver head, and all those tweezers make it highly commendable and worth buying.


Philips Epilators are fast, reliable and efficient which leaves your skin smooth and stubble free for weeks. They have Profiled ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and also have washable epilation head for extra cleaning and hygiene. Its best epilator is Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6581/00 Wet & Dry Epilator.


Panasonic’s epilators are generally very well received by customers and fulfill the customer needs. Their recently introduced Panasonic ES-WD94P epilator may even top the best that other brands has to offer. It is on the expensive side but has got 6 attachments for extra sensitive areas, somewhat justifying its price tag. Even its previous version of epilators also gain high acceptance from customers.

Note: Choose the best epilator that has a strong motor, variable speed, built-in skin protector, light on your wallet, less painful, convenient and feels good in the hand for the best results.