Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

philips hp6401When it comes to Epilators, Philips are one of the top manufacturers out there, and most prolific, which is proved with the Philips HP6401 Satinelle, which at the time of writing is the best selling Epilator on Amazon. So does it live up to the hype?

About the Company

In case you didn’t already know, Philips are an absolute giant in the world of consumer electronics, producing everything from kitchen appliances to, well, epilators! Founded over 100 years ago, the company pride themselves on quality and simplicity throughout their massive range.


The first thing to mention about the Satinelle is the price. Philips have obviously looked to hit a more affordable area of the market, and while most epilators will be close to, or above $100, this is available for less than half of that price, but is it quality and reliable or is it simply a cheaply made option for those of us not wanting to splash the cash on our grooming? An excellent question…

Features of the HP6401

Dual Speed. Impressively, this product offers multiple speeds, this is in place so that you can choose depending on which area you are focusing on, and the more sensitive areas may require the ‘gentle’ speed to reduce the pain of the experience. Looking to epilate larger areas such as legs? Turn up the speed and whizz through if you can handle it.

Although this is not a wet and dry model (can’t be put underwater or used in the shower) it does have a washable head, which makes the cleanup operation 100 times easier! This is something everyone who buys this product will be thankful for after a use or two.

As you would expect, it removes hair from the root and leaves your skin feeling super smooth, it boasts removal of hairs just 0.5 mm long, which means you can get really close to the skin with the tweezers. 21 Hypoallergenic discs are in place to avoid the skin of the areas in question getting irritated during use.

The Satinelle HP6401 is designed to be a full body Epilator, to remove hairs as painlessly as possible in all areas of the body, there aren’t a lot of places where this struggles even when compared to the more expensive models on the market.

The use of the product is corded, which is fine for most of us but may not be ideal for traveling. It is the cheapest in a whole range of sister products from Philips, some of which offer more complex features, but for a basic trimmer, this could be the one for you.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews

hp6401 useThere is a reason this is the number one seller (at time of writing) on Amazon’s Hair Removal section. A 4 star average mark out of 5 is really incredible for a product offering such great value. While a few reviews have claimed that this struggles on coarser hair, most of us have not had this problem at all, and there are hundreds of great reviews both from females and males! There are more five star reviews than any other ratings.


Easy to use, versatile, leaves your skin smooth and avoids irritation, this Epilator ticks a lot of boxes, considering that it is available under the $50 mark, you can’t go too far wrong. Is this the best Epilator ever made? No. Is it a great option for those of us on a budget? Absolutely! Comes with our recommendation for those of you looking for a value product, the Philips HP6401 doesn’t disappoint.