How To Make Epilating Less Painful

hp6401 useIf there is a downside to Epilating it is the pain it can cause, especially if you don’t prepare and take precautions before going through with it, or if you’re new to the process and not used to the pain. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to make Epilating hurt less, and we’ve got the definitive guide for you here! The methods below are totally safe and most importantly they get the job done, some are products you can buy and some are just techniques, but all will help in some way.

Numbing Creams

lidocaineOne of the most popular methods people use, and one I do recommend if you can afford to spend a little extra, is utilizing numbing creams on the area in question before you go through the motions. This is also great for those of us who wax too. It is also known as Lidocaine, and one of the most popular types is called “Dr. Numb” – it is used for other pains and is really popular in tattoo parlours to help with the pain of this as well, so if it can help with the pain of needles inking your skin it should be able to help Epilation too! They usually have an effect for 2-3 hours but should be applied generously about an hour before you do the deed to make sure that they have taken effect. DO NOT just rub it on and go, or it won’t have had time to sink into your skin and actually take effect.

This doesn’t affect your skin elasticity or have any other negative effects and does the job perfectly, other Lidocaine creams will do a similar job but this is the one we recommend.

An alternative numbing cream which does a similar job, and is well reviewed on Amazon and other online retailers is the Numb Master. It is linked to below. Numb master is slightly more affordable which is positive, but only lasts for an hour and should be applied around 20 minutes before you begin the process of removing hairs. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is less effective, but the cycle is certainly quicker.

Other Tips

Although I believe creams are the best way to avoid pain when Epilating, there are other things you can do either as well or as an alternative. We’ve listed the rest of the methods below, and there’s no wives tales involved! It is all proven to help with hard science, lets kill the pain!

Hold The Skin Tight

One of the top tips for those of us who are getting on a bit in years too! If the skin is wrinkly or uneven it can cause a lot of pain, if the skin is tight the Epilator will function more efficiently and whip the hair right out with minimal irritation. All of us have areas (like the underarm for instance) that may need to be held tight to get the best result shaving.

Make Sure Your Hair is the Right Length Beforehand

Another big tip that can be really helpful. If the skin is too long there is a real nasty ‘pulling’ effect taking place. It isn’t nice and it makes the process hurt. If it is too short then the tweezers on your hair remover will struggle to get to it and remove it. Experiment with the right length to make sure you have something to grip but it is not pulling from a distance. Holding the epilator closer to the skin can have a similar effect and avoid gripping from the end of the hairs and feeling like your little brother pulling at your hairs when you were a kid!

Try it in The Shower

wetdryMAKE SURE you have a wet and dry model to do this, which means you can take it in the shower or bath with you. The best wet and dry Epilators offer some great features, and it helps a lot with the pain. Showering opens up your pores, in a way loosening the hair and making it easier to pull out, the resistance, and therefore the pain of removing it, is much less.


Exfoliating is good practice anyway, this will mean that there are less ingrown hairs as the exfoliator gets rid of dead skin and clears the pores so you avoid redness, infection and loads of other negatives, plus it makes the skin feel really smooth in the long run. It reduces the pain but also the inconvenience of having ingrown hairs after use, which is a very real possibility.

Buy the Right Epilator

This is a really key thing to consider, whether you have the right Epilator in the first place. Some of them are less painful than others, with some models designed to be better for sensitive skin and a low pain threshold. Some of them allow you to do it in the shower, which can help with the pain, others won’t. On our reviews we usually discuss how much they hurt and even put together this article about which models are the best for those of us with a lower pain threshold, to help you choose.


My Experiences

The first time you use an Epilator it does hurt, and the fact you’ve ended up reading this article tells me you probably know that already, but the above tips can go a long way to reducing that. Numbing cream is the biggest help in my opinion, combined with exfoliating regularly and having the right model to start with, the pain will be less. Plus, your body conditions itself to cope with it, you really do get used to it and the pain lessens the more regularly you do it. Keep going and soon you won’t be struggling at all.