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The Best Epilators for Eyebrows

bellabeWhat is Epilation?

There are a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted hair in one’s body and epilation is one among many. Epilation is the process of removing hair using a mechanism that grasps several hair simultaneously and pulling them out all the way to the root. It can hurt, especially at the first few sessions. But this is one of the best methods to help make those unwanted hair gone for a long period of time. You only have to do it at least once a month to make sure you keep that specific body part smooth and hairless, way more efficient than the alternative methods.

Epilator and Your Eyebrows

Men and women alike want to keep their eyebrows perfectly groomed. It surely is irritating to see someone with scattered eyebrow bushes all over the place. Luckily, there are epilators in the market that are made to cater to your eyebrow needs.
A few years back, it’s almost impossible to use this process on your eyebrows. The process involves pulling out hair in a huge chunk, unlike threading which does it one line at a time. So if you try to do it, you’ll most likely end up with uneven eyebrows. It used to be that it took a person who has a great sense of hand sensitivity, a lot of dexterity, and focus in order to pull it off. Until…

The Best Epilators for Eyebrows

Epilation is wonderful. It saves a lot of time especially those who see grooming their eyebrows as a menial, repetitive, boring task. Luckily, there are epilators out there that are designed specifically to make your brows look good in the most efficient and the least time possible. Just a reminder, though. Epilating is painful at first. It all depends on one’s pain tolerance threshold. So you should consider that what works for one, may not work for another. With that out of the way, choose your pick.

Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover

Another great product from the Emjoi line, AP-9L Epi Slim is a compact easy solution for your unwanted facial hair. It’s also a great tool to bring whenever you’re traveling as it is portable and battery-operated. It’s inexpensive, compact, and with a smaller head design, it’s an ideal epilator to use for delicate or more detailed areas.


Sometimes, simple is also better. Bellabe is one of the simplest of all of these type of products in the market. No batteries needed, no plugs, it’s all mechanical. Bellabe is made of two plastic handles on both sides and a spring that contract and expands in the middle. It looks like an exercise tool but the beauty of this is in its use. The spring expands just enough to let the hair in and contracts tight enough to never let even the smallest hair go. It removes the hair from the root and leaves no irritation. This is also (luckily for you) probably the least expensive epilator.

In a nutshell, epilating is just one of the ways to remove unwanted eyebrow particles. If you choose to go this way, you can never go wrong with the products above. All that’s left for you to do is to try it and experience them for yourself.

Unwanted Hair: Is Epilating Better Than Shaving?

silkepilShaving is by far the most common, the most popular, and possibly even the easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is also the least expensive over the short term compared to all other methods. All you need is a shaver, or a razor blade, and voila, you can begin shaving. Although the easiest, shaving also gives the most irritating and arguably even unhealthy side effects, and there is an alternative. Below are the cons of shaving, and some definite pros of its alternative, Epilating.

1.) Visible Hair

Yes, shaving gets rid of most of the hair but it still leaves some out. Shaving doesn’t pull out the hair from the root, leaving short hair which if in clumps, can be visible and really irritating to look at.

2.) Thicker Hair Growth

Once you shave an area, the hair that grows back in that area tends to be thicker, and the more you shave, the thicker it becomes. This is especially true for men who shave their beard. Within a few days after shaving, the hair grows back stronger and thicker, making it more difficult and irritating to shave off.

3.) Darkening

Women are the common victims of this. Those who shave their underarms, aside from suffering from thicker hair the next time, the skin where it grows back tend to become darker. It also appears darker due to visible hair.

Let’s take a look at epilating.

Epilating is a new way of removing unwanted hair from your body. It makes use of epilators, which is a tool that captures hair and removes them from the root. This is more effective than shaving and is preferred by more and more people nowadays, men and women alike. It also covers more body parts than shaving. Although more effective, it is slightly more expensive than shaving as it requires you to buy an epilator, though this is a one time expense, and over the long term doesn’t work out more expensive. It also takes more time than shaving since you need to make more passes in the area to ensure all hair is pulled out. Probably the greatest con of the process is the pain it has been known to cause, though this is improving as new models get released. The process requires the epilator to hold more than one strand of hair and pull them out from the root all at the same time. Also, if you’re not careful enough, epilating may cause skin irritation and the appearance of ingrown hair. Unfortunately, like many methods, It really hurts. However, if you’re looking more into venturing in this grooming method, here are some of the bright sides of it.

1.) More Effective

I’ll repeat this. Epilating takes out your unwanted hair by pulling it from the root. No remaining hair will be visible as it’ll be pulled out as a whole. This also makes the epilated area smoother.

2.) No Skin Darkening

Majority of people who use this method fortunately don’t experience any skin darkening, especially in the underarms, an area many women get conscious about.

In general, epilating is a far better option but choosing one is harder especially if you’ve been used to shaving. The idea of epilating may seem horror to those who are just trying it out but it’s all worth it. Go ahead and try it out, and you’ll never regret it.

The Quietest Epilators: Silent Epilation Put to the Test!

es wd51Here we list  the quietest epilators available to buy without sacrificing functionality, effectiveness, and time in getting the job done. Most people who use epilators deal with the dilemma of wondering whether they’re holding an epilator or a jackhammer. Some epilators are just way too noisy and let’s be honest, the noise is pretty disturbing and can be off-putting. Besides, we don’t want our neighbors to know that we’ve been removing all those extra hairs in the bathroom all the while we’re there, right?

Luckily, technology is improving and epilators are getting a lot less noisy, we’ve listed those closest to achieving silence below.

Panasonic ES-WD-51-P Epilator

Operates with a noise level of 67dB (decibels), this little monster is fit for the job while keeping its voice as silent as possible. Most of its users’ say that it is less painful  compared to other epilators they’ve used and it’s pretty much a complete package with its 3-in-1 hair removal system. It can trim, shave, and epilate all at the same time. The trimmer can be used to trim the hair to the ideal length for epilating. It is made up of 48 tweezers which means faster epilation, and can work cordless for up to 40 minutes.

Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive 7681 Epilator

An all-around epilator that can epilate efficiently in almost all body parts. Yes, it still makes a grinding sound, but it is not something that’s irritating. In this list, as per functionality, this is probably the best. It picks up the shortest hair up to 0.5mm and is currently the number one sought after epilator. It’s not painless although it’s not really that painful. The Braun 7681 can work in both wet and dry environment. Epilating under running water greatly reduces the pain. You might want to take note of that. It also comes with a built-in smartlight to better see the spot being epilated.

Braun 5280 Silk-Epil Epilator

Silk-épil Soft Perfection provides a soft and gentle approach to this method of removing hair. It features a  four-way intelligent pain softener to help with the sometimes painful process of epilation. Its two rollers have tiny nodes and are designed to relax, almost numb the sensitive areas of skin in order to prevent pain while the Silk Epil plucks out your hairs, even those as short as 0.5 millimeters, keeping your skin smooth for roughly a month after use. This model comes with my top recommendation, it is gentle and reduces the pain and discomfort that some other epilators, and definitely other methods of hair-removal (such as waxing, ouch!) cause.

Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator:

The modern woman is normally extremely busy! So Braun created this model, the Silk-epil X’elle – a 40-tweezer Epilator that removes even those stubborn, darker and more coarse hair and can provide smooth, hair free skin for many weeks. It includes an impressive 40 tweezers on one rotating drum.

The X’elle has impressively designed active massage rollers that stimulate your skin whilst the hair is being plucked to intelligently and effectively reduce any chance of a painful, uncomfortable experience.

Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator:

The epilator prides itself on having the World’s only “moisturizing comfort technology”  it allows the tweezers to remove each hair whilst moisturizing which really aids any pain and provides a lot of relief, you wont even know you’re using it half of the time. Two different settings allow the removing of either thick or thinner hairs. The second, precision head is designed for use on the face and other more detailed areas.

Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator

Braun epilators are generally considered a lot less painful than most of the other brands. Their amazing Silk épil 7 is a Dual epilator with Venus technology to deal with even your thickest hair. The epilator removes straight from its root and integrated blades then deal with any leftover hairs which seem to refuse to go away (trust me, it happens). Braun Silk-épil 7 dual is even suitable for being used under water in the shower or bath in order to fit easily into your beauty regime. It removes your hair effectively without causing much pain at all.

There is always an element of pain in this process, it is unfortunately the price we pay for smooth skin, but the process is far more effective than many others and especially with the models above, certainly doesn’t have to be agonizing.

Best Epilators for Men – From Back Hair to Legs

Emjoi menUndesirable body hair has been a real issue for both men and women for a long time. Throughout the years, the public has embraced numerous different methods of hair removal, from waxing to shaving and most recently – epilators.

An epilator is a bathroom device designed to get rid of any unwanted bodily hair by removing it at the root. This is achieved by grabbing the hair with lots of pairs of tweezers. These are then spun around at high speed. This also helps in removing any pain involved. Epilators are far more effective and leave long lasting effects. They are not overly time consuming and are designed to pluck and gently remove even the short hair that even waxing can leave. Epilators have numerous design features that also help reduce the pain and provide an excellent epilating experience.

Men may want to get rid of hair in multiple areas, including back hair, stomach hair, or even leg hair if you’re a cyclist or likewise. Some men look to Epilate their more intimate areas too! The challenge that arises is that men tend to have more coarse hair, which can be tough to remove, grabbing it from the root with one of these models is definitely the best way to do it, at least an improvement on shaving, which usually means that hair grows back really quickly, and waxing which most people agree is the most painful method.

Generally the worlds conception is that only women want to remove their unnecessary body hair. Well that is not the case! Because according to the market research and with a growing pressure on male health and beauty, men also want to remove their hair and for that they want to use different methods and there is no shame in that! In general the market focuses on women’s epilators so there are very few epilators labeled specifically for men, but we’ve found some of the best and compiled them here for you!

Let’s have a look at some of the great epilators for men that are on the market:

Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men :

Emjoi AP-18MS Epilator is the first epilator designed and labeled especially for men. It is available in black unlike the effeminate colors such as pink and purple epilators generally for women, which gives it a distinguishing image as a male orientated product. With 72 tweezers, which is as many as you can expect to get on the market, it is designed in a way to grab and eliminate the thick and coarse hair of men and to remove a larger amount of hair at once, thus tackling the male bodily hair. This model of Epilator for men is highly commendable and worth buying.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator:

This is similar to the Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men but it does lack some of the shaving and trimming attachments. If you are looking for an epilator without the shaver and trimmer and your hair is not that harsh, then you can go for this one and save a few bucks along the way. Cheaper, but not a big compromise on features by any stretch of the imagination.

Braun SE 7181 WD Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator:

This is again not specifically designed male epilator but it can be used by men as well as it has Close-grip technology with 40 tweezers and a head with a unique pivoting function, it adapts to both the male and female body shapes and contours for the closest epilation possible. We’ve mentioned the Silk Epil range a lot here on the site, and with their huge amount of attachments and features, I consider it to be the best range of Epilators on the market, a little more pricey, but worth it for the versatility, which is great for Epilating different parts of your body.

Hair Slim Epilator Sta-132-D:

Available in a cool orange color, a trendy and unique portable epilator with a chargable battery making it great for traveling, comes with a handy cleaning brush.

Philips Body groom Hair Trimmer/ Epilator:

Philips body groom is a brilliant all-in-one body epilator hair trimmer with maintenance-free blades,and is water resistant so you can use it in the shower or elsewhere – it provides loads of great features at a good price.

AOCHENG OEM Man Epilator:

Comes with a Titanium coated sharp blade, has a high rotation speed and provides a close, quality epilation. Trendy looking and high quality.

Note: If you’re trying to get the best epilator for men with a strong motor, variable speeds, built-in skin protectors and a machine that feels good on the skin, and in the hand, for the best results.

Best Epilator Brands


best brands epilatorEpilation is a way to remove hair almost anywhere on the body all the way down to its very root. Common methods of epilation include waxing, epilators such as the appliances we review on the site, electrolysis and IPL or laser hair removal.

Epilator devices have tiny, rotating tweezer attachments that pinch and pull hair out at the bottom. They are now the first choice for long lasting smooth skin, which is why the competition in the market has recently increased so much that now it is difficult to choose the right one. But these are some of the most common and best selling brands which are listed as follows:


Braun Silk-épil is the best-selling epilator brand in the world. And is one of the best in the world. It uses the very latest technology which fulfills your individual needs and fits easily into your beauty routine. They have a highly reliable and innovative range of products like Silk-épil 1, Silk-épil 3, Silk-épil 5 & Silk-épil 7 and has introduced epilators first of its kind like Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Skin (so now you can use epilator while taking shower; Woah! so easy and relaxing). The latest new-generation epilator from Braun removes even the shortest hair the size of a grain of sand (0.5mm) for ultimate, long-lasting smoothness.


Remington epilators also considered to be one of the leading epilator brands. It is super effective and easy to use and has superior tweezers technology and a head designed to curve to the contours of a female body, and catch the shortest hairs on your body to leave you hair free and silky smooth for weeks. Even it has introduced precision light technology to help spot even the smallest hairs. Remington products are generally reliable and worth parting with a little cash for.


Emjoi has also emerged as a good epilator brand .It has recently introduced Emjoi AP-18MS Epilator; the first epilator designed and labeled especially for men. Moreover along with that it also launched the same women epilator without shaver and trimmer option. With 72 quality tweezers, which is possibly most in the market, it is designed in a way to be able to epilate the thicker hair of men and to remove the larger amount of hair at once. Metal plates, an interchangeable trimmer and shaver head, and all those tweezers make it highly commendable and worth buying.


Philips Epilators are fast, reliable and efficient which leaves your skin smooth and stubble free for weeks. They have Profiled ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and also have washable epilation head for extra cleaning and hygiene. Its best epilator is Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6581/00 Wet & Dry Epilator.


Panasonic’s epilators are generally very well received by customers and fulfill the customer needs. Their recently introduced Panasonic ES-WD94P epilator may even top the best that other brands has to offer. It is on the expensive side but has got 6 attachments for extra sensitive areas, somewhat justifying its price tag. Even its previous version of epilators also gain high acceptance from customers.

Note: Choose the best epilator that has a strong motor, variable speed, built-in skin protector, light on your wallet, less painful, convenient and feels good in the hand for the best results.

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