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How to Clean Your Epilator – Our Guide

hp6401 useEpilators have become women’s best friends. Women have been able to save a lot of money by having the opportunity to remove the unwanted hair in the comfort of their homes. Although there are a number of different epilators, most of them work on the same principle. Instead of cutting the hair, as razors do, the epilators actually remove the hair from the root. By doing so, they prevent the hair from growing for a longer period of time and make the skin soft and smooth. In addition, the regular use of the epilator will make your hair “lazy” and they will become less visible.  If you want your epilator to maintain its function and be able to perform well in future you should pay a lot of attention to its maintenance.

Most epilators are very easy to use and even easier to clean. This article deals with epilators in general, so the cleaning method can be applied both to dry and wet epilators.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the head from the base. Removing the head is very simple and it depends on the make of the epilator you own. To find out how the head of your epilator can be removed please read the instructions provided with your machine. Once you remove the head you should rinse it under warm water. This will remove the majority of the hair stuck between the tweezers.

Most epilators come with a cleaning brush, but if your package didn’t include any, or somehow you have lost the brush, then you can use a simple toothbrush to make sure all hair is removed. To clean the tweezers more thoroughly you can also use alcohol. The alcohol will disinfect the tweezers and prevent possible skin irritation. This process is especially important, as epilators tend to penetrate deep into the skin and collect the sweat and skin grease accumulated on the hair. Once you finish the cleaning process you can simply wipe off the head with a clean cloth.

The epilator should be cleaned after each use, rather than before. The reason for that is that if you leave the hair in the epilator for a longer period of time it can damage the tweezers and decrease their efficiency. The maintenance process is especially important for those epilators that can be used under water. If you leave the epilator wet and forget to remove the hair from the head the chances are that after a certain period of time the tweezers will not function as they should. The hair and the grease from your skin will make them blunt and they will no longer remove the hair efficiently as before.

Moreover, if you have a dry epilator, cleaning it prior to using it might be dangerous. These dry epilators need dry surface in order to operate, so using them in wet environment may cause them to stop functioning or even worse. If you’re lucky enough to have a wet and dry epilator (meaning it can be used in water) the cleaning process is even easier as you can run the head or other parts under a tap to clear out the excess hair, it also makes cleaning up the area easier.

The Best Epilators for Brazilians

silk epil 7Removing unwanted hair can be a painful process, especially if they are in the intimate area. Women know how brave you must be to put yourself thorough that suffering every month, but hey, we’ll do what it takes for beauty and hygiene, right? There are several ways in which you can remove the unwanted hair in your pubic area. If you are a really tough person then you might decide to use wax. For those that are less of a glutton for torture, the best solution would be to use an epilator for your brazilian, they’re efficient and while not painless, they’re better than waxing. There are a number of epilators that will successfully remove the hair from your intimate area with minimum pain. Here is an example of two of them.

Braun Silk-Epil 7

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil has proven to be one of the favorite epilators that women use to remove hair from different parts of the body. It is one of the best selling and top rated Epilators you can buy and boasts a huge amount of features, as well as being a wet and dry Epilator.

This small epilator with simple design is made with the purpose to be used under the shower or in the bath. The warm water will improve the circulation and reduce the unpleasantness that you might experience. It has two speeds you can choose from, soft for gentle epilation and fast for more high-efficient one. The tips of the epilator are very soft and they carefully lift the hair that is lying on your skin to make sure every one of them is removed. During the epilation, the epilator stimulates the skin which decreases the feeling of pain or unpleasantness. The head is designed to move and adapt according to the shape of the body which gives you comfort and provides better removal of hair.  It comes with five attachments that can be changed depending on the area you epilate. In addition it has a smart light that allows you to see every hair and it can be used 40 minutes without the need of recharging it which is more than enough time for an average epilation.

Emjoi eRase

Emjoi eRase e60 is another practical solution to get rid of those boring hair. This is a very small machine that comes into several different colours. It consists of 60 tweezers that will remove even the smallest hair leaving your skin smooth in the next six weeks. It removes the hair from the root which prolongs the period needed for them to grow again.  The disks slide over the skin gently removing the hair and decreasing the possibility for irritation of the skin. This epilator can be used to remove hair from your face, as well as from other parts of your body. In addition it has a sensitive attachment which is intended to be used when epilating the sensitive intimate areas. Unlike the Braun SE7681 Silk-épil which is cordless, Emjoi eRase e60 needs to be plugged into socket in order to work.


These two epilators will help you remove the hair from your entire body and will leave your skin soft and gentle for weeks. They are very easy to use and can be bought for reasonable prices, plus they are small enough to handle the more detailed hair removal in your intimate areas.  These epilators are every woman’s dream and if you have one of them your brazilian will be easier to maintain than ever.

Epilating vs. Waxing – Which is Better?

emjoi softHair removal has been a popular beauty regiment for decades. Many women have enjoyed removing unwanted hair all across their body, leaving their skin smooth and healthy. For many women, the preferred method of hair removal is waxing. Waxing is a technique that uses sticky chemicals to grab onto the tiny hairs and pull them up all at once. This technique is painful for many women, but can lead to the best results. For those who would rather not turn to waxing to remove hair, epilators have been a great alternative to satisfy their needs. Epilators are small, electronic devices that use rotating discs to grab and pull hair in quick succession, much like waxing. Unlike waxing however, epilators can be used over and over again and without the use of chemicals that damage the skin. Epilators can come in different models, such as cordless, corded, or even battery-rechargeable.

So which is better, epilating or waxing? The answer is simple. Each has its pros and cons, but the bottom line is that it really comes down to the consumer’s personal preference. Waxing has been around a lot longer than epilating, and has satisfied countless women. It is far more popular than epilating, and is used worldwide and sold exclusively in many beauty stores. Epilators on the other hand are quicker to get the job done, and come in several different models and types. They can be taken almost anywhere and used at any time, and clean up is far faster than traditional waxing. The downside to epilators is that they can be very pricey depending on where the consumer gets them, while regular waxing products can be bought for half the price of most epilators. Most epilators can last for several years, and even come with 30 day money back guarantees. This makes them more than worth the cost to purchase one, and they last much longer than traditional waxing products.

In summary, it’s up to the consumer to decide whether waxing or epilating is the right choice for them. While epilators have an up front cost that is more than traditional waxing, they can be used over and over again for a long time, overall they will probably save you money. Waxing tends to be more painful than epilating, and can sometimes cause skin issues to arise due to the chemicals involved. Epilators can be taken almost anywhere, and many run on batteries that can be recharged. We, as you may be able to guess, tend to prefer Epilators for most of the reasons above, if you buy the best model you can do the job effectively, with less pain, and a lot more simplicity. The reason we think it wins the battle is because of the fact that you can do it yourself, and while on the go. Want to take an Epilator on holiday with you? No problem. Planning to wax while you’re there? Could be more difficult, finding a salon, or going through the rigmarole of trying to do it yourself or with a partner. The convenience factor goes a long way, and while everyone has their own preference, this is the method we recommend.

The Best Epilators for Your Legs Reviewed

wetdryEpilators are a great alternative for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of waxing periodically. They are fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use on many different body areas, especially the legs. Epilators use rotating discs to grab even the smallest hairs and pull them up, keeping the sensitive skin unharmed. There are many different types and models of epilators, with each being designed to excel at a certain task or method. While facial epilators are great at removing the tiny hairs that grow near the eyebrows and above the upper lip, bigger epilator models can remove the thicker and numerous hairs around the armpits, legs, and thighs. There is a wide selection of modelsto choose from, both online and in select stores, which can make things a bit confusing for new consumers interested in purchasing one. Many epilators come with different features and variants, and it is important for the consumer to research the different types and find one that can perform the way they need it to.

For legs, many models will do the job, but some are more equipped to handle the legs and thighs than others, for instance, some epilators are smaller and designed for areas such as eyebrows or your face, but will take an age to thoroughly cover your legs, so you want something larger, more efficient and of course, high quality, we’ve put together some of the models that will do exactly that.

Silk Epil 7

A reliable, all purpose epilator for new consumers to check out would be the Braun SE7921SPA Silk Epil 7 Epilator and Exfoliation Set. This product was created by Braun, and can be bought online as well as in high street retailers. It is one of the more ‘luxury’ models out there, and is a little on the pricey side, it can be purchased for around $129.99 USD. It was designed to be used on all body areas, and comes equipped with over 10,000 tiny bristles which allow it to remove even the smallest hairs. It comes in two speeds, allowing slow or fast-paced hair removal. It is rechargeable, and the consumer can expect at least 40 minutes of operation between charging. This also comes with a micro-vibration attachment, designed to help with exfoliation.

Possibly the biggest selling point is the wet and dry capabilities. You can use it in the shower and can wash it, this leads to less pain and less of a cleanup afterwards. All in all this epilator is a great choice for those consumers looking for a product that can handle all areas of the body and remove as much hair as needed. You’ll find this model recommended all over the internet, and it is highly regarded for a reason, providing one of the most versatile (and least painful) hair removal options out there.

Silk Epil 3

Another excellent epilator that is an exceptional choice for those seeking a great product for an even greater price is the Braun Silk-epil 3 Epilator, Model l 3170. This epilator is also created by Braun, and can be found online and in some select beauty stores for around $44.99 USD. It comes with a 20-tweezer system, which allows it to gently remove hairs at the root, leading to long-lasting smoothness. This epilator also includes several other features that make it a great choice for cost aware consumers, and will no doubt satisfy their needs. The only sacrifice comes in the size, but 20 tweezers are enough for most of us, and mean that you can also focus on detailed areas such as bikini line if you need to as well. A little more ‘basic’ than its sibling (the series 7) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent choice for those of us on a budget.

Sticking with this manufacturer, another great epilator is the Braun Silk Epil 5280, which is also created by Braun. This epilator can be found online and in select beauty stores for around $64.99 USD. It includes many good features, including a unique tweezer-system that can lead to long-lasting results as well as remove the smallest hairs along the skin. It’s a middle ground between the models already mentioned.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle

Another Epilator we really like, and recommend as an option for your legs, is the Philips HP6401 Satinelle – it is at the time of writing the best selling Epilator out there, and it has that title for a reason, it is effective, has two speeds, and gets the job done on large areas perfectly, plus it’s available at a very reasonable price, making it a bestseller.

Many consumers want an epilator that can keep their legs and thighs smooth and soft. Several different models and variants exist that can do just that, and most will satisfy the consumer and bring great results. Any of the Epilators above will do a good job for you, just make sure you’re getting something capable of handling the larger areas of skin such as your thighs and calves.

Emjoi Epi Slim Portable Epilator Review

epislimWe are often asked what the best Epilators are for those on the go, if you’re going traveling, spend a lot of time on the road for work or just don’t want to lug your Epilator and attachments to your boyfriend’s when you stay over! There are quite a few models of cordless Epilators, which you can of course take out and about with you, but perhaps the title of ‘most portable’ Epilator out there is this, the Emjoi Epi Slim. It is tiny, fits in your handbag or overnight bag and the compromise on quality or features really isn’t so much. Plus, it is quite an affordable model. We delve into more detail on its features below…

Features of the Emjoi Epi Slim

  • Nine tweezers for removing hair. Quite a lot less than larger models, but still gets the job done, especially in smaller areas.
  • Improved motor for less pain! One previous model of the Epi Slim caused some discomfort to users, Emjoi have addressed this and improved the motor and build quality.
  • As we’ve mentioned already, it is amazing for travel, so tiny and still works a charm!
  • Takes two AA batteries. These are universally available (again great for traveling) and means you don’t have to worry about charging. Two batteries will last you a while too!
  • Great for precision and detail due to its size.

Are there any downsides?

Is it perfect? No, but it comes close for what it is. If you’re looking to Epilate big areas on a regular basis, such as if your leg hair growth is out of control or you’re a man looking to get rid of back hair, this isn’t going to do the job with ease because it is small. Emjoi have other models for that. What it will do is provide a detail hair remover, great for smaller areas such as the bikini line, underarm, face for those of us who are getting whiskers and touch ups on legs. It makes this the perfect companion to a stay-at-home Epilator for big areas, while the Epi Slim comes with you on your travels! It isn’t designed to do huge areas, but that’s okay, what it does, it does perfectly.

What Others Have Said

A quick scan of reviews online will show you how well regarded this is, it is one of the top selling Epilators out there and user experiences are generally fantastic, with recommendations from all ages and skin types, and even hairstylists and grooming experts chipping in to recommend the Emjoi. It has four stars out of five on Amazon, great for an affordable Epilator which doesn’t have all the features of some of its rivals!


It is what it is, a portable, travel Epilator, and if you’re in the market for that, this could be your answer. It is easy to use, easy to power (batteries) and easy to take with you wherever you go. Comes with our top recommendation if this is your aim. If you need to do bigger areas then look to one of its older sisters in the Emjoi range perhaps, but if you want something to take on the go with you or just do small areas such as your face and underarms this will do the job nicely.

iVog Pro X-Tweez Epilator Review

ivog proMany of the Epilators featured here on our site are made by huge manufacturers. By comparison, iVog are certainly not as big as Braun or Philips, but they do offer an Epilator which rivals their features, and today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the iVog Pro X-Tweez.

The first thing you may notice when it comes to the iVog is the price, it is very affordable when compared to a lot of the Epilators out there. This may mean it strikes you as a cheap imitation brand, but that is not the case, and the X-Tweez does hold its own when it comes to hair removal with some cleverly thought out features, and just about everything you’d need from a value solution to that unwanted hair.


  • It’s a 2-in-1. This is the first thing to mention, this is not JUST an Epilator like a lot of the models we feature, it is also a body shaver. Some see this as pointless but there are many people out there who find a use for both, if you’re one of them this could be the Epilator for you, and it further adds to the value for money.
  • 36 Tweezers and a medium size design.
  • Unisex style design to appeal to both men and women. The epilator for men market is growing and iVog avoid the problem of using a pretty pink flowery model if you’re a butch man!
  • A clever rotating disc system is designed not to leave a hair untouched, and make sure that the coverage is thorough.
  • 2 speed settings for you to choose from depending on how coarse and thick the area of hair is.
  • Can be used wirelessly. It doesn’t have the battery life of some other models, but a 6 hour charge can get you around 30-40 minutes of usage, which is enough for most of us and very respectable considering the price.
  • Comes with a built in light to help you see detail that you may have missed.

Whats in the Box?

One of the really cool things about this product is the fact that it comes with some great added extras. As well as the Epilator itself, this has a cool little carrying pouch, multiple heads for its epliating/shaving modes, a cleaning brush and even an exfoliating pad, which helps a great deal with avoiding ingrown hairs or irritation after use.


This is a really highly reviewed Epilator, and many have complimented the way it holds charge, the fact that it doesn’t cause a lot of pain, and of course the thoroughness of hair removal.

Is this the best model money can buy? No. It is not an all-singing, all-dancing top of the range model, but it is an amazing choice for those of us on a budget, and can be picked up for an exceptional price considering how versatile it is, the features that it offers and the fact that it is so highly regarded. The iVog Pro X-Tweez is a great budget epilator.

Best Women’s Epilators

silk-epilNowadays, there are many methods of removing unwanted hair, from epilators to removal cream. Most women are most familiar with shaving, simply because it is the most widely-known way of hair grooming and by far the easiest. However, there are a lot of disadvantages in shaving. One is that the hair that grows back in the shaved area tends to become thicker the more you shave it. You also have to be careful as the razor used is sharp and can cause wounds which can then lead to awful-looking scars.

Ever since epilating has been introduced, shaving has become a second-option, sometimes third (second being the ever popular waxing). Simply put, epilating is more effective, more efficient, and a hair grooming method that keeps the epilated area smooth for up to 4 weeks. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common areas women shave and the best epilators specifically tailored for that body part. Many think that Epilators are just for women, but this is not true, many men have turned to this method to remove unsightly hair such as back and neck hair.

1) Upper Lip

It isn’t pretty. You call the hair in the upper lip a mustache. The urban term, though, is femstache which means a female mustache. This is very common and genetics plays a huge role in having a femstache. However, not all women groom it, especially those who have thin and almost unnoticeable femstache. For those who have thick hair in the upper lip, they want to get rid of it, but don’t want to shave it. I personally think all women who has a femstache wants to get rid of it but just doesn’t know how to since they don’t want to shave it and risk it growing back thicker.

Recommended Epilator: Bellabe

Easy-to-use, affordable, and no complicated techniques needed. It’s more like you’re just doing an exercise. Bellabe is made up of two plastic handles on both sides and a spring-like mechanism that connects the two handles. You make the spring expand by letting the two handles meet and making a horseshoe shape, you put it in the femstache area, and you twist it using your thumb. Make a few passes on the upper lip and voila! All of your femstache will have been taken away, even the thinnest ones. Plus, with this, you don’t need electricity or battery. Just a pair of talented hands.

2) Underarms

99.99% of women I know don’t want any hair in their armpits. It just doesn’t look good. That’s all. Most women do shaving in this area and again, the hair grows back thicker. It also contributes to having dark underarms as the shaved area gets darker and darker the more you shave it.

Recommended Epilator : Emjoi Soft Caress

emjoi soft

The name sounds like it is going to be a cakewalk when you use this. I say differently. Most women who used it reviewed it as an epilator that’s initially painful to use and that will usually be the case for the first couple of sessions. But they also said, “The pain was worth it.” Results are astounding. No traces of hair will be found on your armpit and you will just need to repeat the process at least once a week to make sure no hair will be seen in your underarms.


3) General Epilating

If you’re looking for a good all rounder, you may be looking to epilate unwanted facial hair as mentioned above, as well as underarms, and other areas, namely the bikini area, your legs, and in some cases other areas. So what is a great, versatile model that can handle all of this?

Recommended Epilator: Silk Epil 7 by Braun

There is a reason it is the top selling Epilator at its price point, manufacturers Braun are excellent at producing grooming products, and this is no different, with 40 tweezers, four different heads and claiming to remove hairs better than waxing could ever hope to. It is also a wet and dry model which means you can use it in the shower or bath, or simply wash it off after use. Comes with our top recommendation.

Generally, women want to make sure they look good all the time. There’s no worse scenario than them being seen with unwanted hair in these body parts. With this guide, you’ll be able to pick the best epilators from among many to handle your hair grooming needs.

Braun vs Emjoi Epilators – The Showdown!

silk-epilEpilation, in a nutshell, is a revolutionary way of taking care of unwanted hair in the body. It covers all body parts and is more effective than any other methods like shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc. It all started in 1986 when Epilady, the very first company that made epilators, introduced this method to the public. It’s more like tweezing but done in a faster and more efficient manner where the area epilated stays smooth for up to 4 weeks.

In today’s market, there are two giants competing in the “best” title in epilators. Let’s take a look at both Braun and Emjoi.


The top Braun Epilators
Braun as a brand goes way back. It’s an ancient company, even older than the original creator of epilators. They started in the 1920’s and boomed in the late 1960’s as one of the top companies in producing small electronics. Things like hairbrush with buit-in wifi, vacuum cleaner that creates black holes, etc. (I’m totally kidding, by the way). Kidding aside, when they got involved in the epilation industry, it already has its own giants. But, being a company that has developed products for a long period of time, they quickly stole the spotlight with their top-of-the-line, highly innovative epilators that remain as best-sellers even today. The features are futuristic but the only downside is the price. Their brand is more like a concoction of the best qualities and the priciest materials for epilators. They make epilators that cater to all body parts in general and most of their epilators look really good.


The top Emjoi Epilators on The Market
Emjoi, on the other hand, is more like a steady player. They’ve rarely brought out something out of the ordinary, and never made a big noise as compared to Braun. But their products offer balance. They use natural materials and have always been a fan of keeping everything together. Efficiency and effectiveness is still present, although not as revolutionary as Braun. Their products cater the general public as their prices are really affordable. They strive to bring something new to the table from time to time but they don’t rush it, at least not as much as their nemesis. They’re more like the silent but steady competitor. They have a huge array of epilators that target specific areas of the body. This is great if you’re just looking to remove hair from one specific area. Recently, they’ve also made products related to pedicure and have bundled it with their epilators.

What Brand Should I Buy?

Branding is an important aspect to look at as a buyer. However in epilators, it really is about your preferences. Price plays a huge part in your decision. Whether you want to go for something “good enough” and affordable or something “great” but pricey is totally a choice that you have to make. You should also consider the areas of your body you’ll use the epilator at. If you’re someone who removes unwanted hair in a lot of parts in your body, then I would say Braun is the right choice for you. But if you’re looking to remove hair in a few specific parts, or want something such as a detailed eyebrow epilator or likewise, then you should totally go for Emjoi.

How to Use an Epilator: Our Guide

silkepilYou don’t need to be a rocket scientist to begin epilating. The whole process should, in theory, be rather simple. That said, there are a few things you need to consider before (and during) doing so. Preparation plays a huge role. In this article, we outline the things you need to do before epilating and the exact how-to guide of the process. This is, of course, assuming that you’ve already made up your mind, gone ahead and bought a quality epilator (if not, we have plenty of info on this too).



  • You need to exfoliate your skin either the day before or on the day of the process. This will help you prevent ingrown hair and also prevent the appearance of stubble.
  • Depending on the epilator you’ll use, you can either do it while your skin is wet or completely dry (wet and dry models are available). Take note, though. If you’re doing it dry, you should make sure that your skin is really dry. If you’re doing it wet, make sure it is really wet, not damp.
  • Take a Warm Shower. This also helps, as it opens up the pores and softens the hair a bit. Make sure to clean the area you want to epilate thoroughly.

Apply Ice
Right before you start to go to work, applying ice will help, mainly in numbing the area you will epilate. It can be painful, especially if you’re new to it. So applying this trick will help you cope up with it and tolerate the pain a bit more.

Epilate The Night or Day Before You’ll Go Out
Initially, you might experience a lot of redness. Letting the area in question rest for at least 24 hours will make sure that the redness will heal fully, and won’t be noticeable if you’re out and about.

How to Epilate

  • If it’s your first time to epilate, then this won’t matter. But if you’ve done it before, make sure that your epilator is clean before you use it. Clean it thoroughly, if not.
  • Unlike shaving or waxing, there is an ideal hair length for epilating. The hair you will remove should be no more than 1.5cm. The optimal hair length, for best results, is 4-5mm.
  • Hold the epilator as steadily as you can at 90 degrees.
  • Press the machine onto your skin. Not too near as it may capture your skin and stop rotating, not too far either as it may not capture the hair you’re looking to remove.
  • As opposed to shaving, you should do strokes opposite the direction your hair is growing. You should do one long stroke after another.
  • Continue working on the area until no trace of hair can be seen.

Additional Tips

Always check yourself in the mirror during the process. This will help you check if you’ve done it well enough and help you see if there’s no more hair noticeable.

It is more preferable to epilate an area while the skin is being stretched. The other hand holds and moves the machine, while the other hand stretches the skin.

If your skin becomes sensitive and reddens after an epilating session, get an ice pack and put it in the affected area. This will greatly reduce the pain and redness.

The Best Affordable Epilators: Cheap Epilators Up To The Task

emjoi divineIn the grooming industry, hair products are among those that are the most expensive, even the products for making unwanted hair go away and the tools we use to make that happen. Unless we undergo a surgical procedure to permanently stop hair from growing (which is pretty expensive, by the way), cheap Epilators are probably our best bet for keeping our hair in control without a huge outlay.

Some do shaving, some do waxing, while some hires professionals or goes to salons. In a nutshell, we all are looking for a way to weed out unwanted hair, and do it not so often. We all value our time, after all.

Luckily, epilating has been introduced in the scene. It’s effective as it pulls out the hair from the root, and we need not do it after, for usually another four weeks or so. The results that this method of grooming promises are really great, but the epilators can sometimes break the bank, especially those that offers a great deal of features. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out the top 3 best cheap products that will give you almost the same results, if not the same, that pricey epilators can deliver.

Emjoi Divine Hair Remover

This Epilator is one of the cheapest to come with full features. A lot of the cheaper epilators may be smaller or battery powered, not the case with the Emjoi divine which has 36 tweezers, so, unlike some of the other cheaper epilators, this can deal with large areas such as legs.

Emjoi Tweeze

Epilating is a painful process. Imagine pulling out a bunch of hair all at the same time. Emjoi Tweeze makes it more bearable. It’s gentle to the skin and is compact and portable so you can bring it anywhere you go. Battery-operated and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous usage. The head is relatively small compared to a lot of other epilators which can help pinpoint precision. Value for money. $20.

Epilady Face Epil

Made by the pioneer in bodily grooming, Epilady Face Epil is a little monster. With 6 tweezers tuned to remove even the finest and coarsest hair in the body, it is great to use for both facial hair and hair in the more sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini area. Battery-operated and a small design for portability as it can easily fit in bags, pouches, etc. $25 isn’t that bad of a price considering what this little lady can do.

Bonus Product:


Bellabe can be considered as the simplest product mentioned here. The epilating process is still followed but it doesn’t use electricity. Comes in a variety of colors, Bellabe is made up of two handles and a spring in the middle which captures the hair by forming an upside down “U” using the two handles. Put it in the hair you want to pull out, roll the handles with the thumb, and hair is gone. $17.

Who says epilating is expensive? These epilators we’ve listed are the cheapest and the most affordable but can really get the job done. That’s why a lot of people go towards this method. You could do it virtually anywhere: at the comfort of your own home, while travelling, while at work, or even while you’re picking stuff up for grocery. And with these affordable yet quality options, you never have to worry about going outside your budget.

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