Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator Review

estheticAre you tired of those annoying hairs on your face? Do you want to get rid of your facial hair easily even without going to a salon or spa? Remove your unwanted eyebrow hair permanently or get rid of the peach fuzz? You can absolutely do it yourself anytime and anywhere just by using Epilady Esthetic –Delicate Facial Epilator. It uses a latest technology in effectively removing facial hair almost instantly and effortlessly without a complicated and painful process such as waxing, plucking, and many more.

Product features:

  • Specially made to remove facial hair – This facial epilator uses a state of the art technology to remove facial hair efficiently and ensure that the roots are included to prevent it from growing back quickly. It is absolutely much better compared to shaving and definitely faster than manual plucking. It is smaller than most epilators which makes it great for use in smaller areas, just like your face.
  • Gentle on skin – It is 100% gentle on skin yet tough in removing facial hair. It does not leave chicken skin or any sign of hair removal, your skin would surely stay smooth as it is but without those little hair.
  • Portable – Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator weighs only 0.3 ounces, which made it super lightweight. Product dimensions is 1 x 1 x 6”, which made it very portable so you can definitely bring it anywhere you go and remove those facial hair whenever you need to. It also comes with a carrying case to make it more convenient to carry, just put it in your bag and you are definitely good to go.
  • Easy to wash – The kit comes with cleaning brush so you can easily wash it before and after you use it. It is certainly hygienic, which is highly essential in taking good care of your facial skin. This feature is perfect to prevent any skin irritations or allergy that might damage your skin.
  • User friendly – This amazing product is so easy to use and it also comes with a complete manual that absolutely answers all of your concerns with regard to operating it. It is definitely easy and convenient to use.
  • Battery operated – Two double A batteries are required to fully operate this product, you can also use a rechargeable battery to save more money. You do not need to carry a charger because as long as you have batteries, then you can enjoy its awesome features.

Those are the wonderful features of Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator. It is absolutely convenient to use. You do not need to undergo expensive treatments all the time that requires so much time because you can get rid of your facial hair easily at the convenience of your own house. It ensures to remove facial hair from the roots so it would not grow back easily. It deals delicately with your skin that you might not even need a gel or Vaseline. It effectively removes your facial hair to achieve a smoother skin for a very reasonable price. You do not need to tolerate those tiny facial hairs because with this product in your bathroom, there is always a seamless way of removing it.