Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Corded Epilator Review

epilady speedAn epilator can be a girls best friend! It is an alternative to shaving which lasts longer, and isn’t as expensive (or painful) as waxing. It has become one of the most popular ways to groom your unwanted bodily hair. So, this makes choosing the right model to invest in an important decision. While there are many epilators available in the market products made by Epilady, the first producer of spring type Epilators, caught our attention.

Although there are some products which are designed for hair removal in specific areas, there are some, such as the EP-810-44 that are designed to epilate everything, facial hair, arms, legs etc. If you are interested in the review of a tried and tested model that is both high quality and versatile enough to aid all areas of your body, then you are at the right place.

Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Features

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • Two operating speeds, which you can regulate as per requirement
  • Equipped with an angle guide to remove even the finest hair and provide smooth and silky skin post epilation
  • With 40 tweezers the epilator creates 31000 tweezes per minute when placed at full speed, making it fast and efficient.

Our Thoughts

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for smooth and silky skin with a product that works really well. Though the epilator can be used on legs, arms, underarms, face and bikini line, reviews suggest that the epilator is a little large to provide required precision for grooming upper lips and eyebrows. However, it works well for other parts of your body and as stated by tons of pleased users. If you can stand a little pain then you can definitely bid adieu to shaving.

Reviews also suggest that this is among the more affordable multipurpose model of its kind available in the market. Also it is important to note that like other reviews suggest that the pain should not discourage you from epilating, as the pain will subside as you get used to the process. So if you are using this epilator cold turkey it will hurt but if you are used to epilating that this epilator is not bad at all. Don’t forget our guide to making Epilating hurt less.

Our consensus, as well as that of most reviews you will find online, is that for an affordable Epilator, this does the business. If you’re looking for a cheaper model which is versatile enough to use on multiple areas of your body, then this is the one we would recommend. It isn’t the all singing, all dancing top of the range model, but it is good enough for most of us, and even though it is corded, unless you’re in need of a travel model then that shouldn’t provide too much restriction.