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Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Review – One of the Top Epilators

ap-18Today, we have an Emjoi AP-18 Epilator review for you. In this modern era, people are mindful about their appearance. They are extremely concerned about unwanted hair especially if it’s dark and coarse. There are several methods to remove hair from one’s body.  People choose waxing, tweezing, shaving and creams for the removal of hair. However, epilators are also popularly used.  Epilation is a method of removing hair with a mechanical device that plucks hair. People have admired this method because it is painless and cheap compared to the other hair removal methods. Epilation keeps the skin to remain smooth for a long period of time and is also very cost effective. It leaves the skin softer and finer than ever before.

If you are looking for a high-end epilator for use then you may want to try the Emjoi AP-18. This epilator is a revolutionary grooming product which has taken the market by storm. Clients have considered this as the best epilator because it removes hair in a speedy way. The device is corded but it performs really efficiently. The AP 18 is better than its counterparts in the market because it has 72 tweezers.  This amount of tweezers is necessary for an effective epilation. This machine is indeed a market leader in superior performance as it has a 17-mm Disc opening. This opening is considered to be the best radius for removing hair.  It is an ideal machine for removing hair without pain from underarms, bikini area and legs. Although a little pricey, the AP-18 will never disappoint you.  It makes use of latest technology such as Glide and Silver ion to give customers the best experience ever. These technologies help the skin to stay bacteria free and also prevent any irritation.

The body of the epilator has a concave shape which allows the user to hold it properly.  The head of the Emjoi Emagine is also big which makes it ideal for removing hair from large regions such as legs and the back if you’re a man. Great coverage and glowing skin is now possible by using Emjoi AP 18. Basically, the epilator makes use of dual heads, which move in different directions. Within the dual heads, there are lifting fingers which are necessary to protect the skin from any ingrown hair. Emjoi AP 18 has built in features which makes it one of the most wanted personal care product in the market.

This model is originally made to remove hair from large areas so it won’t be able to do more intricate tasks like shape the eyebrows. We recommend a facial epilator for removing hair from the eyebrows. However you can always use it to clean hair from chin and upper lip. Clients have considered it the best epilator to remove hair from legs which usually take the most time. The head of the epilator is big which helps remove hair quickly as compared to the other epilators.

Emjoi AP 18 is also a fantastic option for people with sensitive skin. It is made with latest technology that prevents possible skin irritation. If you are travelling or need clean arm pits as soon as possible then this is the right choice for you. It doesn’t leave the skin hard and dark just like shaving. People who have used this epilator consider it as the finest machine to have smoother armpits. For best results, Always keep armpits dry before using the epilator because it doesn’t work on wet areas.

Cleaning hair from the bikini area can be quite difficult, start from the smallest area so you can decide if you can bear the pain or not. The pain from an epilator is quite less compared to waxing and tweezing but everyone has their own pain threshold levels.

Since it is corded, there is no need to get worried about charging. The cord is just 8 feet long so it doesn’t get in the way while using and can stretch quite a distance. Other epilators which use battery can become really difficult to handle. They have issues with keeping the power level constant.

If the hair breaks before getting removed then you need to adjust the speed of your Emjoi AP 18. There is no need to rush with epilation as slow concentrated movements can get better results than fast movements.  Clients with dark and coarse hair love this offering.

Emjoi AP 18 comes with a little brush that allows easy cleanup. The head can be detached at any time for cleaning. Users need to brush the head to remove the hair out of the epilator so that it looks good as new after every use. It is better that keep a towel underneath the body so there is no mess.

Some users complain that this product doesn’t trim hair. This is because it is not a trimmer and only an epilator. If you have long hair, try to trim the hair at least 1/4inch.  Emjoi AP 18 plucks hair effectively which are short.

In conclusion, this excellent Epilator is a great choice for anyone who wants something versatile which can do large areas of your body. It comes with a one year warranty and has an excellent rating on online retailers so the chances are you won’t be disappointed if you choose to purchase one of these.

The Best Epilators for Underarms

silk epil 7Today, everyone wants to look socially acceptable. Having unwanted hair on various body parts can be quite embarrassing. Men and women choose to remove hair for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes. Methods such as waxing and shaving are used to help get rid of unwanted hair. However, epilation is also preferred by many. Epilation keeps the skin to remain smooth for a long period of time and is also very cost effective. It leaves the skin softer and finer than ever before.

Since underarms are sensitive areas of one’s body, special care is required.  One needs to use best epilators for underarms so that the skin remains healthy and glowing. This article summarizes best epilators which have taken the market by storm. These epilators are extremely efficient and removes really short hair as compared to other removal methods.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Expressive 7681 is an extremely perfect machine. It has been designed in such a way that it solves all the problems that one can face while removing hair. Its high price is the result of its excellent quality and features. The machine is considered as one of the best epilator for underarms because it has forty tweezers. These 40 tweezers provide grip and accuracy while removing hair from underarms. Braun Silk can remove hair even if it’s as short as 0.5mm. This machine can solve all hair removal issues as it comes with a sensitive area cap for underarms, efficiency cap and a facial cap. Braun Silk provides extra satisfaction to its clients by providing trimmer head, massing head and a shaver attachment. With this epilator you can say goodbye to dark skin and to black roots forever.

If you are looking for a machine that is affordable and exclusively for underarms, then you should consider the Philips Satinelle HP6401.  It comes with 21 tweezers and leaves underarms free from unwanted hair without any hassle. This machine should not be used for facial hair because it is not made for that. This is one of the best epilator for underarms in the market because consumers feel that it gives quality at a low price. The company itself is recognized for its brilliant quality products.  Philips Satinelle HP6401 is a great machine to be used for both cold and dry seasons.

Emjoi Ap-18 has 72 tweezers which makes it one of the powerful epilators currently. People who have used Emjoi have been satisfied for years. They believe it’s a great machine for people with sensitive skin. Like Braun’s silk it has various features and technology that helps the machine to remove short hair from the roots. The machine is worthy of its price because it provides excellent services to its users. The tweezers on this epilator have a minimum effect on the skin because it doesn’t pull the hair directly.


There are various reviews present online which can help one decide on which epilator is the best for underarms. However, the machines mentioned above are one of the best epilators for underarms. These machines are gentle to the skin and are appreciated by the users for its efficiency and effectiveness.

The Best Epilators For Your Bikini Line Reviewed

bikiniEpilators are the modern and efficient way to remove unwanted hair, and perhaps the most unwanted hair of all for a woman is around the bikini line. Epilators are generally designed to be good at providing smooth skin, but some do the job better than others, and that is why a little consideration is required when deciding on an epilator for one of the more delicate areas, your Bikini Line

The area around your Bikini Line is sensitive so a little though is require while purchasing a suitable model. Though some people opt to use a regular Epilator for the bikini line as well, there are plenty of bikini line specific ones available in the market. Picking out the best can be quite the challenge. With so many options available shopping might be a challenge so we have compiled a list of 3 best Epilators for Bikini Line.

Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler

First, the Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler. A battery operated model. Available in pink and white, this is among the most affordable bikini line epilators. This product has great reviews and people like the sleek size and its user-friendly properties. Many have said that this model is good for facial hair and other areas as well as the bikini line, with eyebrows being another area you can easily sculpt with this small hair removal tool. Designed to remove hair in the more intricate area of the body, it is not the best quality of the three models, however it is great value for money as it is the cheapest on our list.

Emjoi Epi Slim

The Emjoi Epi Slim Hair Remove Epilator is cordless, portable and ideal for the more delicate areas. Reviews suggest that the epilator does a very good job. 9 Tweezers mean that this is a small model. It has an excellent motor, which is definitely an advantage which means it will remove hair more efficiently and importantly, less painfully! This makes it good for delicate areas, and the bikini line is definitely one of those! As well as this, you can use it on facial areas, underarm, eyebrows and more. We have a full written review of the Epi Slim here. It definitely comes with our recommendation.

Philips HP6378

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer is possibly the most impressive of all! Cordless, available in opal and aqua and is another quality and dependable hair removal device. Most of the reviews state that the epilator does a wonderful job in grooming the bikini line. It has an exceptional range of features, with six different attachments for different body parts and functions. This doubles up as a trimmer and a shaver too, making it good value for money if you need this to be versatile. This is a wet and dry model too, meaning you can use it in the shower or out, which can be helpful when it comes to both mess and comfort.

If you like to sort items by price when you shop then note that the items are listed starting the most affordable option. The general consensus with these epilators is that they are specifically designed to groom the bikini line and do a good job in doing so. The Braun is something of a value model, whilst the other two offer a bit more luxury in terms of functions and ability. You can choose which is the best option for you. Even though there are multiple options available in the market choosing the right product for you can be a little difficult. We hope this list does a good job in providing you with some of the most popular bikini line epilators available in the market.

Emjoi AP-10LR Light Caress Epilator Review

emjoi lightAn epilator is regarded is a cost effect way of hair removal and investing in the right product could result in it being your hair removal solution for years. So, this makes choosing the right model very important While there are many epilators available in the market Emjoi is among the more prominent brands, and one we love to talk about here on the site. Although there are some models designed for all areas of your body: facial hair, arms, legs etc., there are some epilators which are designed for hair removal in specific areas. If you are interested in a tried and tested product that works really well for your legs, bikini line and underarms then you have come to the right place, as the Emjoi AP-10LR Light Caress may well be the solution to your problems.

Emjoi AP-10LR Epilator Features

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • 36 Tweezers for efficient epilation, these are even made of 24k gold to guarantee quality
  • Use corded or cordless, rechargeable
  • Dual speed for use based on requirement and pain threshold
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Built in light to help you to find and remove light and short, awkward hair

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for and easy and user-friendly corded and cordless epilator. Reviews suggest that the cordless option can be particularly useful in providing flexibility in where you set out to epilate. Even though the product description suggests that its designed to work well on legs, bikini line and underarms reviews suggest it work well on facial hair as well, an added use. So despite some reviews suggesting this is a little pricey the utility could result in a greater bang for your buck. Though reviews are consistent in stating that epilating can hurt and pulling your skin can help, the satisfying results of saving time, money and epilating wherever you want (cordless option) makes the product super useful. A little pain can make you gain a lot as reviews suggest that hair growth is prolonged (and you do not have to keep up everyday like shaving). Lastly, if you are looking for something to keep for a while then this should definitely be the epilator of your choice as reviews state that people have used this for years!

What Others Have Said

Many people online have heaped praise on the Emjoi AP-10LR, and said that it is even the best Epilator they’ve ever found themselves using. It is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and maybe isn’t the most efficient if you need to cover large areas, but for places like bikini line, unwanted facial hair and other small areas this is a perfect solution. It has an average star rating of over 4/5 on Amazon.


Just like any other appliance purchase this requires a little consideration and research. Do you need to go through a bit more reviews before you make up your mind (even after reading this article)? Please visit Amazon for details and reviews on the product and to purchase the product. Splurge a little on an epilator and save lots of money by skipping waxing session and shaving razors!

Best After Epilation Creams – Excellent Aftercare for Epilating

depileveWhen you Epilate, the electronic hair removal device plucks multiple hair strands at a time from the roots inside your skin. While epilation can be the most efficient method out of all styles of hair removal, the process of epilation might irritate your skin if you do not follow proper aftercare steps. A little extra care is particularly important the first few times you epilate. Fortunately, there are products designed to help you if you find yourself in this situation. A cream such as these might be the best solution to soothe your skin.

Just like any other purchase, how do you know which cream works the best? Is it necessary to spend big on after epilation cream? To make your life easier we have compiled a list of creams that have resulted in the most satisfied users, with a brief comparison of their features and suitability for your needs and budget.

Emjoi PX EJ After Epilation Cream – This product, by Emjoi (who also manufacture many of the best Epilators) is enriched with properties that will slow hair growth along with soothing your skin post epilation. Reviews suggest that the cream is very effective and it lasts a long time, made with Aloe and suitable for any area of your body, this is one of the best ways to finish off your routine.

Gigi Post Epilation Lotion will soothe and moisturize your skin post epilation. This company are more focused on skincare than Epilation as such, and focus on the excess wax on the surface of your skin as well as keeping your pores clear and healthy. Reviews suggest that the cream is soothing and works well.

Depileve Soothing Cream, Camomila & Aloe Vera will help subside any skin redness and irritation caused by epilation. Reviews suggest that the cream does an excellent job of reducing redness, and it can be used for other allergic reactions and irritation. The Depileve range also offer products for after waxing and are one of the best manufacturers of these kinds of products.

Kalo Nisim Kalo Post Epilating Lotion will help stop hair growth while soothing skin post epilation. Reviews state that the product works really well in prolonging hair growth when applied after epilation, if directions are followed properly, this means more time until you have to go through the process again, which is always a bonus!

Omiera Labs Adroit – Hair Growth Inhibitor helps reduce hair growth, prevents breakouts and prevents dark spot after hair removal. Reviews state that this really helps in prolonging hair growth when used post epilation.

If you like to sort items by price when you shop then note that the items are listed starting the most affordable option. However before you decide which product to purchase purely based on price then it is important to note that any one of these products could be your solution to soothe your skin afterwards; but some of these products work better than others in preventing that annoying redness of skin and reducing the speed of hair growth after epilation.

So, if you epilate what are you waiting for? Hurry and try either one of these aftercare creams after your next epilation session and flaunt smooth and silky post epilation skin, avoiding irritation and redness, which means you can eliminate one of the few downsides to Epilating.

The Best Epilators for Your Face

braun facial2Unwanted facial hair is a real problem, and leaves us with some choices for how we get rid of it. Shaving is a no-no, it isn’t efficient, but Epilating is a great solution! Waxing is perhaps the only other real option but is very painful and hard to get right, especially for the face.

Why Epilate Facial Hair?

There’s no denying facial hair is an issue, and not just for older women, people of all ages experience unwanted hair on their face, and for women it can be a difficult thing to deal with, making us self conscious or even seeing us mocked by others! Not good! If you were to shave, it won’t last long because it doesn’t remove hair right from the root, and even worse will leave a five-o-clock shadow which is not a good look. That’s why Epilating is such a good solution, it is like a mass tweezing – removing hair right from the root and making sure it doesn’t grow back quickly at all, some leaving 6 weeks of no visible growth at all.

Fortunately, there are some amazing facial epilators out there, the big manufacturers realizing that this is a massive problem for many women and introducing new models or adding features that are great for epilating the face to their existing range, so what are the best epilators for the face?

What to Look For In a Facial Epilator

  • A thorough coverage making sure all hair is removed
  • As painless as possible (though there are things you can do to help this)
  • Precision – some of the areas of the face can be hard to reach perfectly
  • Good for sensitive skin – a rash on your face or irritation can be equally bad.braun facial

Braun Facial Epilator

Braun are one of the leading manufacturers of these products for a reason, and they’ve recognized the need for facial models. The Braun Facial Epilator, sometimes branded as the Braun 810, is one of the top models you can buy for this reason, and has many features that we look for, and others that go above and beyond, making this a bit of a luxury product.

The full list of features are as follows:

  • 10 micro tweezers to capture even the tiniest and thinnest hairs, which other Epilators may miss.
  • A thin head to allow you to reach all the different areas of your face, this is also amazing for areas such as the eyebrows to make sure you don’t overdo it and keep the natural hair which you want to!
  • Smooth skin for four weeks in just a few seconds, the 200 pluck movements every single second mean this does the job very quickly and doesn’t have to be any longer than necessary.
  • Battery operated so no charging needed, also making it great for traveling.
  • Built in exfoliating function which will help you to avoid irritation and can even make the process less painful!

A great luxury model for unwanted facial hair removal. Brain have hit the nail on the head here, especially for those who already have a method of removing hair elsewhere. It is very small, so don’t try and use it on other areas such as legs, as this will make it a longer process than it needs to be.

Emjoi Epi Slim

epislim2Emjoi are another titan of women’s hair removal products, and their equivalent of the Braun Facial is the ‘Epi Slim‘ range. This little pocket rocket does a superb job of removing hairs on the face. It isn’t quite as fancy as the above, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent model, and it can do a great job for small areas of your body.

So at under half of the price, do the features match up? What is on offer here…

  • Great for delicate areas and can also be used for bikini line and other small parts of the body
  • 9 Tweezers to remove hair in small areas
  • Improved motor on the most recent model which means that it can remove hair quicker and with a lot more efficiency.
  • Battery powered and portable

Okay, so it doesn’t have the same features as the Braun, but it will still do a good job. Exfoliating is important but can still be done separately after you Epilate and doesn’t have to be a built-in feature, so the Epislim is a good model. This is versatile and can be used elsewhere on the body if you’re happy to do that, and can be taken with you on your travels.

Bellabe Facial Epilator

We have mentioned the Bellabe before on the site, and it is a good option for those of us on a budget and are happy to do ‘manual’ Epilating. Plus it doesn’t use batteries or power so is great for traveling or just saving the planet! This is basically a ‘threading’ method of hair removal, and you see it used a lot on areas such as eyebrows, but it works well for any area of your face, and removes hair right from the root.

Features of the Bellabe facial hair remover

  • Removes the need for fancy electronics, waxes, creams and other products. Simplify the whole process
  • Small, portable, fast and effective
  • Great for all areas of the face and especially good for eyebrows and peach fuzz on your face.

Some say the Bellabe takes a bit of getting used to, but the reviews online are very good, and once you know what you’re doing with it it can be an excellent product, which can be used in conjunction with an Epilator elsewhere on your body. Plus, it is very affordable and eliminates the need for messing around with batteries and chargers.


Any of the above models will serve you well in the world of facial hair removal, they will provide long term clarity of your skin, meaning you should only have to Epilate every 4-6 weeks. The three different options mean you have a choice to make based on features and price which one you buy, but considering the huge amount of features on offer, and how immensely well-received all of these products have been, any one of them would provide you with great value for money. Getting rid of the peach fuzz or overgrowing eyebrows should no longer be a problem!

Emjoi Epi Slim Portable Epilator Review

epislimWe are often asked what the best Epilators are for those on the go, if you’re going traveling, spend a lot of time on the road for work or just don’t want to lug your Epilator and attachments to your boyfriend’s when you stay over! There are quite a few models of cordless Epilators, which you can of course take out and about with you, but perhaps the title of ‘most portable’ Epilator out there is this, the Emjoi Epi Slim. It is tiny, fits in your handbag or overnight bag and the compromise on quality or features really isn’t so much. Plus, it is quite an affordable model. We delve into more detail on its features below…

Features of the Emjoi Epi Slim

  • Nine tweezers for removing hair. Quite a lot less than larger models, but still gets the job done, especially in smaller areas.
  • Improved motor for less pain! One previous model of the Epi Slim caused some discomfort to users, Emjoi have addressed this and improved the motor and build quality.
  • As we’ve mentioned already, it is amazing for travel, so tiny and still works a charm!
  • Takes two AA batteries. These are universally available (again great for traveling) and means you don’t have to worry about charging. Two batteries will last you a while too!
  • Great for precision and detail due to its size.

Are there any downsides?

Is it perfect? No, but it comes close for what it is. If you’re looking to Epilate big areas on a regular basis, such as if your leg hair growth is out of control or you’re a man looking to get rid of back hair, this isn’t going to do the job with ease because it is small. Emjoi have other models for that. What it will do is provide a detail hair remover, great for smaller areas such as the bikini line, underarm, face for those of us who are getting whiskers and touch ups on legs. It makes this the perfect companion to a stay-at-home Epilator for big areas, while the Epi Slim comes with you on your travels! It isn’t designed to do huge areas, but that’s okay, what it does, it does perfectly.

What Others Have Said

A quick scan of reviews online will show you how well regarded this is, it is one of the top selling Epilators out there and user experiences are generally fantastic, with recommendations from all ages and skin types, and even hairstylists and grooming experts chipping in to recommend the Emjoi. It has four stars out of five on Amazon, great for an affordable Epilator which doesn’t have all the features of some of its rivals!


It is what it is, a portable, travel Epilator, and if you’re in the market for that, this could be your answer. It is easy to use, easy to power (batteries) and easy to take with you wherever you go. Comes with our top recommendation if this is your aim. If you need to do bigger areas then look to one of its older sisters in the Emjoi range perhaps, but if you want something to take on the go with you or just do small areas such as your face and underarms this will do the job nicely.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator Review

soft caressToday we’re looking at another of the Emjoi range of Epilators, and another with branding that alludes to being a more comfortable and painless models. Unfortunately such thing does not exist, but some are a lot better than others when it comes to pain, and one of the companies that does a huge amount to try and keep your skin from hurting is Emjoi. So does this model really have a ‘soft caress’ feel to it and live up to the branding?

The company certainly haven’t downplayed this epilator’s abilities, describing it as a ‘totally luxurious hair remover’. It is justified, though, and the hair removal is not only effective, but is relatively comfortable. Of course, as we always stress here, it is not a pain-free process, and it is unrealistic to expect that the first time you use a product like this to remove hair that it doesn’t hurt, but as epilators go this is one of the best in terms of pain, offering, in their own words ‘patented, pain reduction technology’.


Lets get down to business and look at exactly what is on offer here.

  • 24 karat gold plated tweezers, so there can be no denying the quality! This is something you don’t find in many epilators.
  • Protection against damaging bacteria to make sure there’s no irritation after use.
  • Contoured design to follow the curvature of any body and make sure every inch is covered.
  • Can remove hairs as short as o.5 mm to make sure it is completely thorough.
  • 36 tweezer discs to remove hair right from the very root.
  • Can be used cordless (something the e60 doesn’t offer)
  • Has massaging attachment to further add to the comfort.
  • Offers two different speeds for you to select between.

What’s in the Box?

All Emjoi epilators tend to come with a range of attachments and extras in the box, which further adds to their already impressive value. As well as the hair remover itself (which, it should be said, is small and very portable), there is a massaging finger attachment, travel pouch and adapter (very useful for the jet-setters among us!), instructional booklet as you may expect and a loofah! Not something its competitors can necessarily offer.

What Others Have Said

The reviews online for this product are generally very positive. It is not to be taken literally, is it a soft caressing model that will feel like silk on your skin? Of course not! Is it one of the least painful epilators? Absolutely. Other reviews have talked in depth about the quality of this epilator, and the painlessness it does offer. Many people talk about the Emjoi as the “best epilator they’ve ever owned”. It is efficient and manages to effectively remove the vast majority of hairs.


We’re big advocates of Emjoi here, and their range of hair removal products is great. This is no exception, they may have bigged themselves up in the description, but it is justified, and the product has almost universally been very well received. Its RRP is $67.95 which is very reasonable, and the chances are you won’t be disappointed with what is on offer. Portable, cordless, not very painful, affordable and effective, it basically ticks all the boxes and comes with recommendation from us at!

Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator and Shaver – Our Review

emjoi eraseEmjoi are a brand we cover a lot on our Epilator site, their large range of products are generally well received, and the eRase e60 is one of the best reviewed Epilators out there. I can tell you straight off the bat that this is one of the best out there, for a variety of reasons, not least because of the comfort of use and lack of pain reported by so many of the users!

Why is the eRase so Painless?

Well, its duel head and 60 tweezers come with precision engineering, they’re designed to take hairs right from the root at the first attempt, and they usually manage to do so! Meaning that pain is minimized through shear efficiency. If you’re a first time user it won’t be totally painless of course, but as Epilators go, this is one of the best for those of us with a low pain threshold! Even more of the features (mentioned below) are in place to help with your comfort and avoiding pain.


On top of its impressive 60 tweezers, the Emjoi e60 comes with a ton of other features:

  • eRase “glide” technology to ensure smooth passing across the skin, another way it minimizes discomfort.
  • Dual heads are designed to stretch the skin whilst passing over it, yet ANOTHER way it minimizes pain, and also makes sure it gets the best coverage when it comes to ridding your skin of unwanted hair.
  • Can be used on the face as well as body, so you can get rid of that unwanted, fine facial hair.
  • Can remove hairs as tiny as 0.3 mm
  • Takes all hairs from right at the root, meaning you can go as long as 6 weeks without having to epilate again, perfect for long holidays and just more convenient!
  • Comes with a ‘sensitive’ attachment for the more sensitive areas on the body such as the bikini line.
  • Two different speeds to suit your preference.
  • Comes in the box with a travel pouch, impressive 71 inch cord, cleaning brush, an instructional booklet and more.
  • Available in a variety of different colors! Nothing to do with performance but it is still cool to be able to choose your favorite color to add to your collection.
  • Great value for money!

Downsides of the eRase e60

There are downsides, in spite of this being a fantastic Epilator. It isn’t cordless, meaning it has to be plugged in for you to use it, not ideal for travel but usually not a big issue. This is really the only criticism we can find of the e60, though some have talked about Emjoi not having the build quality to last years and years, but naturally Epilators do have a life expectancy, and won’t last you 10 years unfortunately! That’s just the nature of products like this.


This Epilator really does come with high recommendation from us, it is well made, great for managing pain, and does a good job, all at a very reasonable price tag. Emjoi are one of the best brands out there who specialize in Epilation. You can usually pick this model up for well below its $150 RRP, making it great value for money. If you’re not overly bothered about cordless use, and a (very reasonable 71″) cord will suffice for you, this could well be the model to suit your hair removal needs!

Best Women’s Epilators

silk-epilNowadays, there are many methods of removing unwanted hair, from epilators to removal cream. Most women are most familiar with shaving, simply because it is the most widely-known way of hair grooming and by far the easiest. However, there are a lot of disadvantages in shaving. One is that the hair that grows back in the shaved area tends to become thicker the more you shave it. You also have to be careful as the razor used is sharp and can cause wounds which can then lead to awful-looking scars.

Ever since epilating has been introduced, shaving has become a second-option, sometimes third (second being the ever popular waxing). Simply put, epilating is more effective, more efficient, and a hair grooming method that keeps the epilated area smooth for up to 4 weeks. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common areas women shave and the best epilators specifically tailored for that body part. Many think that Epilators are just for women, but this is not true, many men have turned to this method to remove unsightly hair such as back and neck hair.

1) Upper Lip

It isn’t pretty. You call the hair in the upper lip a mustache. The urban term, though, is femstache which means a female mustache. This is very common and genetics plays a huge role in having a femstache. However, not all women groom it, especially those who have thin and almost unnoticeable femstache. For those who have thick hair in the upper lip, they want to get rid of it, but don’t want to shave it. I personally think all women who has a femstache wants to get rid of it but just doesn’t know how to since they don’t want to shave it and risk it growing back thicker.

Recommended Epilator: Bellabe

Easy-to-use, affordable, and no complicated techniques needed. It’s more like you’re just doing an exercise. Bellabe is made up of two plastic handles on both sides and a spring-like mechanism that connects the two handles. You make the spring expand by letting the two handles meet and making a horseshoe shape, you put it in the femstache area, and you twist it using your thumb. Make a few passes on the upper lip and voila! All of your femstache will have been taken away, even the thinnest ones. Plus, with this, you don’t need electricity or battery. Just a pair of talented hands.

2) Underarms

99.99% of women I know don’t want any hair in their armpits. It just doesn’t look good. That’s all. Most women do shaving in this area and again, the hair grows back thicker. It also contributes to having dark underarms as the shaved area gets darker and darker the more you shave it.

Recommended Epilator : Emjoi Soft Caress

emjoi soft

The name sounds like it is going to be a cakewalk when you use this. I say differently. Most women who used it reviewed it as an epilator that’s initially painful to use and that will usually be the case for the first couple of sessions. But they also said, “The pain was worth it.” Results are astounding. No traces of hair will be found on your armpit and you will just need to repeat the process at least once a week to make sure no hair will be seen in your underarms.


3) General Epilating

If you’re looking for a good all rounder, you may be looking to epilate unwanted facial hair as mentioned above, as well as underarms, and other areas, namely the bikini area, your legs, and in some cases other areas. So what is a great, versatile model that can handle all of this?

Recommended Epilator: Silk Epil 7 by Braun

There is a reason it is the top selling Epilator at its price point, manufacturers Braun are excellent at producing grooming products, and this is no different, with 40 tweezers, four different heads and claiming to remove hairs better than waxing could ever hope to. It is also a wet and dry model which means you can use it in the shower or bath, or simply wash it off after use. Comes with our top recommendation.

Generally, women want to make sure they look good all the time. There’s no worse scenario than them being seen with unwanted hair in these body parts. With this guide, you’ll be able to pick the best epilators from among many to handle your hair grooming needs.

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