Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Review – One of the Top Epilators

ap-18Today, we have an Emjoi AP-18 Epilator review for you. In this modern era, people are mindful about their appearance. They are extremely concerned about unwanted hair especially if it’s dark and coarse. There are several methods to remove hair from one’s body.  People choose waxing, tweezing, shaving and creams for the removal of hair. However, epilators are also popularly used.  Epilation is a method of removing hair with a mechanical device that plucks hair. People have admired this method because it is painless and cheap compared to the other hair removal methods. Epilation keeps the skin to remain smooth for a long period of time and is also very cost effective. It leaves the skin softer and finer than ever before.

If you are looking for a high-end epilator for use then you may want to try the Emjoi AP-18. This epilator is a revolutionary grooming product which has taken the market by storm. Clients have considered this as the best epilator because it removes hair in a speedy way. The device is corded but it performs really efficiently. The AP 18 is better than its counterparts in the market because it has 72 tweezers.  This amount of tweezers is necessary for an effective epilation. This machine is indeed a market leader in superior performance as it has a 17-mm Disc opening. This opening is considered to be the best radius for removing hair.  It is an ideal machine for removing hair without pain from underarms, bikini area and legs. Although a little pricey, the AP-18 will never disappoint you.  It makes use of latest technology such as Glide and Silver ion to give customers the best experience ever. These technologies help the skin to stay bacteria free and also prevent any irritation.

The body of the epilator has a concave shape which allows the user to hold it properly.  The head of the Emjoi Emagine is also big which makes it ideal for removing hair from large regions such as legs and the back if you’re a man. Great coverage and glowing skin is now possible by using Emjoi AP 18. Basically, the epilator makes use of dual heads, which move in different directions. Within the dual heads, there are lifting fingers which are necessary to protect the skin from any ingrown hair. Emjoi AP 18 has built in features which makes it one of the most wanted personal care product in the market.

This model is originally made to remove hair from large areas so it won’t be able to do more intricate tasks like shape the eyebrows. We recommend a facial epilator for removing hair from the eyebrows. However you can always use it to clean hair from chin and upper lip. Clients have considered it the best epilator to remove hair from legs which usually take the most time. The head of the epilator is big which helps remove hair quickly as compared to the other epilators.

Emjoi AP 18 is also a fantastic option for people with sensitive skin. It is made with latest technology that prevents possible skin irritation. If you are travelling or need clean arm pits as soon as possible then this is the right choice for you. It doesn’t leave the skin hard and dark just like shaving. People who have used this epilator consider it as the finest machine to have smoother armpits. For best results, Always keep armpits dry before using the epilator because it doesn’t work on wet areas.

Cleaning hair from the bikini area can be quite difficult, start from the smallest area so you can decide if you can bear the pain or not. The pain from an epilator is quite less compared to waxing and tweezing but everyone has their own pain threshold levels.

Since it is corded, there is no need to get worried about charging. The cord is just 8 feet long so it doesn’t get in the way while using and can stretch quite a distance. Other epilators which use battery can become really difficult to handle. They have issues with keeping the power level constant.

If the hair breaks before getting removed then you need to adjust the speed of your Emjoi AP 18. There is no need to rush with epilation as slow concentrated movements can get better results than fast movements.  Clients with dark and coarse hair love this offering.

Emjoi AP 18 comes with a little brush that allows easy cleanup. The head can be detached at any time for cleaning. Users need to brush the head to remove the hair out of the epilator so that it looks good as new after every use. It is better that keep a towel underneath the body so there is no mess.

Some users complain that this product doesn’t trim hair. This is because it is not a trimmer and only an epilator. If you have long hair, try to trim the hair at least 1/4inch.  Emjoi AP 18 plucks hair effectively which are short.

In conclusion, this excellent Epilator is a great choice for anyone who wants something versatile which can do large areas of your body. It comes with a one year warranty and has an excellent rating on online retailers so the chances are you won’t be disappointed if you choose to purchase one of these.