Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush Review

braun facial

You can now say goodbye to all skin imperfections, thanks to Braun’s Facial Epilator. This Epilator works like a magic wand as it reveals the inner glow of the skin. This machine makes skin look healthy and fresher than ever before. It is one of the most efficient machines, designed specifically for the face and the awkward and sensitive areas on it, which removes hair from the root leaving behind a healthy skin. The facial cleaning brush cleans the skin with such accuracy that it removes any bacteria and also purifies the skin, a massive part of the whole skin removal experience and something we should all be doing afterwards. Experts claim that using Braun’s Facial Epilator cleans the skin 6 times better than any other method.

Braun’s facial epilator is an extra ordinary product which every woman must try. Using the epilator once on the skin leaves up to four weeks of hair free skin.  With every Purchase of Braun’s Face, customers get a facial epilator, Brush head, small cleaning brush, battery and a cap.  Although it is a little expensive but it helps users to take benefits of two amazing treatments. One treatment helps the skin to glow and get rid of facial hair, while the other treatment helps with deep cleansing.

Waxing and shaving usually leave behind small hair that cannot be removed easily.  Braun Facial Epilator achieves to capture shortest hair.  The technology used by this device has 200 plucking motions that makes it extremely effective machine. Braun Face is a revolutionary female grooming product that is now part of every woman’s cleaning routine. Since this product is water proof, you may also use it during your shower. The cleansing brush is effective in removing any remains of makeup and impurities from the skin which are usually found pore deep. Braun Face has a gentle oscillating brush which is great for people with sensitive skin. One should epilate in the evening so that any redness on the skin disappears by morning.

Users have given this model positive reviews because they feel that their creams have become more effective after using Braun’s Brushes. The brushes can easily be attached on the epilator’s head. All you have to do is put a little bit of cleanser and let the cleansing brush do the rest. There is no need to press the epilator hard on the skin. This machine knows how to do its work with a gentle touch.

This device is also great for plucking hair from chin, upper lip, and forehead and to maintain eyebrows.   Having this device is cheaper compared to other hair removing methods. It also saves trips to salon. It has a bi-directional switch that helps the user to use it with ease on both sides of the face. To maintain the quality and the performance of Braun Facial epilator and Facial cleansing brush, it is recommended to replace the brush every three months. The replacement helps to keep the cleansing up to the mark.  Braun Face is cordless and needs AA battery to be operated.