Best Epilators for Stomach Hair

silk epil 7The hair that grows on our body can be a real nuisance. You cut them, they grow, you cut them again, and they grow again. It’s like a never-ending circle. We get frustrated even thinking about it. Some people are lucky enough to have less visible hair or lazy ones that don’t grow that often. While some have this natural advantage, others have worked hard to get there. Those who have put a little effort into it know how difficult it was for them to find the right epilator that will put an end to their misery. We would like to present you one quality epilator which you can use on your entire body, especially the more sensitive areas like your stomach.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

The Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System will give you soft and silky skin and it will be gentle to every part of your body. When used on regular bases, you will immediately notice the difference. It takes two months for your hair to reduce to up to 75% less than you have previously had. The epilator has a special sensor for alignment of the tone of your skin and hair. It should be used by people who have light or medium skin tone and those that have blond, brown and black hair on their body. If the skin tone or the colour of the hair is too light or too dark, the epilator will stop applying light on your skin.

Before you use the epilator you need to shave your hair on a certain length. Then you need to choose out of the five energy settings the one you would like to use and place the epilator onto the surface of your skin. Using gentle pulses caused by the strong light sensors the epilator penetrates deep into the root of the hair causing them to fall off. The best part about this epilator is that it has a special sensor that can recognize whether your skin tone is suitable for this type of hair removal. If it is, then it will activate the IPL. Once the epilator is ready for use you will see the blinking warning light which lets you know that you can start the epilation. Even though the epilator analysed your skin tone and hair colour, it will still do additional checks on several areas and it will turn off it those areas are not suitable for this type of epilation.

This epilator can be used on every part of your body including your legs, intimate area, arms and stomach. The duration of the epilation process will depend on the area you treat. You will need around 1.5 minute for the armpits and your intimate parts, and around 11 minutes to treat your legs.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System will save you a lot of money as you can now remove the hair in the comfort of your home. There is no need of replaceable parts and you epilator will be completely functional as the first day you’ve bought it even after 6 years.

Braun Silk-Epil 7

Braun are really the leaders in the world of Epilators, and have a huge range with a lot of different features, the best of which being their Silk-Epil models of Epilator. The above choice is more of a hair removal system, but this out and out Epilator will do a great job with minimal pain and ultimate effectiveness. We have a full review of the product here. It is a wet and dry Epilator which means you can use it in the shower too, helping with mess and with pain! Comes with our top recommendation. The reason this is the best epilator for stomach hair is that it has multiple attachments and is one of the more thorough models out there, meaning it can get to the pesky hairs that won’t go away.