Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review

tria beauty hair removalTria is arguably one of the most popular skincare companies, and while they specialize in light-based devices, their product offerings range from hair-removal gels to acne- and blemish-correcting creams. We’re not just about reviewing the best epilators here, and are looking at other products, including laser hair removal. The Hair Removal Laser 4x is the most recent in a line of trusted and impressive products. With a focus on providing convenient, affordable, and high-quality solutions for in-home use, Tria has yet again created a crowd-pleaser with the Hair Removal Laser 4x.

The Laser 4x contains the same technology used by dermatologists to stop hair growth on the body and face by targeting hair at the follicle. After a few treatments, users can ditch the wax, the razors, and the tweezers for silky, smooth skin. Check out the extensive list of features:

  • FDA-cleared
  • Safe for use on body and face
  • Light-weight and ergonomic design
  • Friendly, interactive LED display
  • Long-lasting charge (30 minutes per treatment) with battery indicator
  • Five comfort settings
  • Safety lock
  • Pulse counter to ensure accuracy
  • Calendar for easy treatment scheduling
  • Recommended use is twice per month for three months
  • Up to 70% hair reduction after only two treatments
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Purchase the kit and receive 2.0oz calming gel

The Laser 4x is a new and improved version of previously marketed Tria Lasers, providing better results in half the time. With limited use and only a few treatments, customers really can “make unwanted hair a memory.” Results are apparent after only a few months, and the minimal effort required to use the product produces a year of hair-free skin.  The lengthy battery life means that customers will be able to do multiple zones/body parts in one treatment, and without batteries and cartridges, there are no ongoing costs to owning this product.

There are only few causes for complaint with the Laser 4x. The most notable problem is that the product claims to work on “most hair and skin tones” but is not considered safe on darker hair and skin. Wondering if it’s going to be effective? Use Tria’s handy test to see if you’re a good candidate for this product:

Worth noting, too, is that the device is not recommended for men because of how coarse their hair can be. Other minor qualms include needing to shave before use (so that the lasers can better reach the hair follicle), but being unable to wax or pluck between use. For anyone with quick hair growth, the two weeks between sessions could be a bit prickly. Nevertheless, hair growth between treatments should appear finer and lighter.

All in all, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x is a good investment. Well reviewed on Sephora, Amazon, and InStyle, it appears to be the best alternative to salon services. And while $449 might seem like a steep cost, the convenience and ease with which one can use this product in their own home makes it a great bargain. If you’re in the market for the “touchably smoother skin” that Tria promises, you can snag one of these from Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, or Tria. Buy it from Tria and receive a 90-day money-back guarantee, but it’s unlikely that you’ll need it.

HairMax Advanced 7 Laser Comb Review

hairmaxSomething a little different from Epilators today as we look at laser hair products, in this case something to stimulate growth. Australian based HairMax is on a mission to redefine hair growth for tens of thousands of men and women alike. Focused on usability, simplicity, and durability HairMax claims the latest and greatest in laser hair growth. The HairMax Laser Comb is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to treat hair loss in just a few months. This patented product is the latest HairMax innovation.

The Laser Comb is a handheld photo-therapy device. In simpler terms? It’s a small brush with a built-in laser. It promises to reverse the hair-thinning by “revitalizing damaged hair” with “nourishing light energy.” One of its major selling points is that it can be used to treat hair loss due to health problems, including Androgenetic Alopecia. For the average hair-loss sufferer, though, it claims to “revitalize” follicles for fuller-looking hair. Check out the full list of product highlights:


  • FDA-cleared for both men and women
  • Patented in the USA and available in 170 other countries
  • Developed using “strict quality safety standards”
  • Results typically visible between 12 and 16 weeks
  • Built-in vibrate function to stimulate growth
  • Recommended treatment time of 11-15 minutes per day, a few times per week
  • Cordless
  • Battery Operated (4 AA)
  • Available accessories include storage stand and soft-shell travel case
  • Lifespan of 10-15 years
  • 2-year warranty


In the grand scheme of hair-loss remedies, it seems that consumers get what they pay for, and pay they will. At about $295 for the HairMax Laser Comb, hopeful customers are spending a pretty penny for a relatively quick fix, but are still saving when compared to other hair-growth devices (which range from $35 to a whopping $695).  It seems like a good bargain… Maybe too good to be true.

Yes, the product is small, simple, and easy to handle, but it also claims to be the first of its kind. By definition, an FDA-cleared product (as opposed to an FDA-approved product) is the legal equivalent of other devices on the market. With this in mind, customers should read the fine print and proceed with caution. In fact, further inspection reveals that this product is cleared for “the promotion of hair growth and the prevention of further hair loss.” The prevention of hair loss is quite a bit different than experiencing “real hair growth,” as the HairMax tag line would suggest. Results from the HairMax Laser Comb appear to be modest and somewhat inconsistent, and users should keep in mind that the product promotes fuller looking hair, not the production of new, healthy hair.

Overall, the HairMax Laser Comb appears to be an adequate product for those willing to invest both time and money into the great war on hair-loss. Perhaps the lengthy warranty and the epic life-span are indicative of the time-commitment necessary to see improvement. It should go without saying that anyone seeking more reliable, long-term results might consider reviewing other available solutions with a dermatologist.

For interested parties, however, the HairMax Laser Comb is available at major retailers like Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora, Walgreens, and Amazon.

How to Exfoliate After Epilating

silk epil 7Epilation is only one step of the process of having a smooth and gentle skin ready for showing off. Removing the unwanted hair is just the beginning. Once you remove them, you also have to exfoliate your skin both for the way the skin looks, and of course, to stop ingrown hairs and other unwanted side effects. So what does exfoliation mean? And what’s the best way to exfoliate after Epilating?

Exfoliation is a process in which the dead skin cells are removed from the surface of your skin. Most of you probably do exfoliation after every shower or so, but they aren’t even aware of that. The best time to exfoliate your skin is usually after taking a shower. The reason for this is because while in the shower, the warm water relaxes your skin and makes it easier for the dead skin cells to be removed.

However, there are certain things you should take into consideration before you exfoliating your skin.  You should never exfoliate your skin immediately after the epilation. During the epilation the skin is irritated from the tweezers of the epilator. Even though people react differently to the process of epilation and at times you might not be able to see the reactions of your body, still the epilation is stressful for your skin. The body will need some time to heal. Therefore it is a good idea to wait for a while before you exfoliate your skin if you have previously done the epilation. Another important thing you must remember is that you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin if you have open wounds or cuts, as this might irritate the skin and prolong the process of healing.

Recommended Epilator for Exfoliating:

One of the best Epilators out there, the Braun Silk-Epil range, comes with attachments to include the process within the actual Epilation process, and means you can do it all in one with what is already one of the top products out there of its type.

The best way to do the exfoliation is to start the process under the shower. Use a loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves. It is good if you start from your feet as that is usually the part we always leave behind. If there is a need, use pumice stone to soften the skin. If it is too rough you can first put them into lukewarm water and add some sodium bicarbonate or sault. It has been proved that they soften the skin and make the entire process of exfoliation a lot easier.

Continue with the other parts of the body, gently removing the dead skin by using a loofah or gloves. You can add some exfoliating cleanser if you want. There are many exfoliating oils that you can use, but it is perfectly fine if you decide not to use any of them. As long as you have a good loofah, body brush, or exfoliating gloves the process will be successful. Once you finish with the entire body, wipe off your skin with a rougher towel and make sure to apply oil to the entire surface of your skin to calm any possible irritation.

This is a simple process that doesn’t require much of your time. It can become your daily routine and a habit while in the shower. The exfoliation is good for your skin, as once the dead cells are removed the skin can easily breathe and it will be very soft at touch.

Best Epilators for Stomach Hair

silk epil 7The hair that grows on our body can be a real nuisance. You cut them, they grow, you cut them again, and they grow again. It’s like a never-ending circle. We get frustrated even thinking about it. Some people are lucky enough to have less visible hair or lazy ones that don’t grow that often. While some have this natural advantage, others have worked hard to get there. Those who have put a little effort into it know how difficult it was for them to find the right epilator that will put an end to their misery. We would like to present you one quality epilator which you can use on your entire body, especially the more sensitive areas like your stomach.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

The Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System will give you soft and silky skin and it will be gentle to every part of your body. When used on regular bases, you will immediately notice the difference. It takes two months for your hair to reduce to up to 75% less than you have previously had. The epilator has a special sensor for alignment of the tone of your skin and hair. It should be used by people who have light or medium skin tone and those that have blond, brown and black hair on their body. If the skin tone or the colour of the hair is too light or too dark, the epilator will stop applying light on your skin.

Before you use the epilator you need to shave your hair on a certain length. Then you need to choose out of the five energy settings the one you would like to use and place the epilator onto the surface of your skin. Using gentle pulses caused by the strong light sensors the epilator penetrates deep into the root of the hair causing them to fall off. The best part about this epilator is that it has a special sensor that can recognize whether your skin tone is suitable for this type of hair removal. If it is, then it will activate the IPL. Once the epilator is ready for use you will see the blinking warning light which lets you know that you can start the epilation. Even though the epilator analysed your skin tone and hair colour, it will still do additional checks on several areas and it will turn off it those areas are not suitable for this type of epilation.

This epilator can be used on every part of your body including your legs, intimate area, arms and stomach. The duration of the epilation process will depend on the area you treat. You will need around 1.5 minute for the armpits and your intimate parts, and around 11 minutes to treat your legs.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System will save you a lot of money as you can now remove the hair in the comfort of your home. There is no need of replaceable parts and you epilator will be completely functional as the first day you’ve bought it even after 6 years.

Braun Silk-Epil 7

Braun are really the leaders in the world of Epilators, and have a huge range with a lot of different features, the best of which being their Silk-Epil models of Epilator. The above choice is more of a hair removal system, but this out and out Epilator will do a great job with minimal pain and ultimate effectiveness. We have a full review of the product here. It is a wet and dry Epilator which means you can use it in the shower too, helping with mess and with pain! Comes with our top recommendation. The reason this is the best epilator for stomach hair is that it has multiple attachments and is one of the more thorough models out there, meaning it can get to the pesky hairs that won’t go away.

Is Epilating Worth the Pain and Money?

Epilation is a process in which unwanted hair is removed from the body. The main reason for choosing epilation over shaving is that with epilation the hair is removed from the root, whereas during shaving they are only cut. Removing the hair from the root allows your skin to stay gentle for a longer period of time. When the hair starts growing after a few weeks they are usually smooth and less visible. With regular usage the hair grows even slower, so your skin will be soft for a longer period of time.

If you decide to remove your hair with epilator you would be able to save a lot of money and time. For a successful epilation all you need to do is buy a good epilator. Since this is a one-time investment it is good if you choose the best epiliators out there. Imagine how much money you will save by not having to go to the beauty salon?! No money for gas, or treatments. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for the next available appointment. You can use the epilator whenever you want in the comfort of your home.

And as far as the pain goes, let’s be honest! Waxing, epilation and every other process that removes the hair completely rather than just making them shorter is going to hurt. But this is not a real pain. It’s more discomfort. If you are using the epilator for the first time you have to check and see how your skin reacts to it. Make sure you choose a less visible part of your body and test to see if it’s going to irritate your skin. If your skin doesn’t become reddish after a few minutes, then you have passed the test and you can use the epilator without any issues. In time the discomfort you feel will reduce and possible disappear. Luckily we have created a guide on how to make the process hurt less.

There are several things you can do to make the epilation less stressful for your skin. First you should take a shower with warm water that will relax your skin and open your pores. If the hair is longer you might have to cover the same area twice, as you might not be able to completely remove it with the first attempt. Therefore you should cut the hair at a certain length, as most epilators can remove even the shortest hair. You should never epilate areas of your skin which are irritated or areas where you have open wounds. You have to wait for them to completely heal and then epilate that area. If you are a woman then you need to avoid epilating your body in “that” time of the month, as you will be more sensitive hence you can feel more pain.

In conclusion, epilation, especially the one done by you is definitely something that is worth your time and pain. You will have to buy the epilator only once and be able to use it every month in order to have smooth and gentle skin.

Beginners Guide: How to Use an Epilator for the Very First Time

hp6401 useIn the past few years epilators have become very popular among women and even men. They have proven to be an effective way for getting rid of the boring hair that you have all over your body. Surely going to the beauty salon is the easiest solution, but it can often be quite expensive and time consuming. Epilators give you the chance of being able to remove the hair when you want and where you want. There are a number of different models but most of them work in the same way and have one goal – to help you remove the hair from the root.

As previously mentioned, the main advantage of the epilators is that they penetrate deep into the skin and instead of cutting the hair they remove them completely. So, the hair will need more time to grow and over time some of them will even give up and stop growing for good.

Starting Out: Your First Epilator

Most people have no problem in using the epilator. However, there are certain things you need to have in mind before you start using your new appliance. First you need to decide whether you want a dry epilator that can’t be used under the shower, or a wet one that can be used under the shower. The better option would probably be to choose a wet epilator, as they decrease the discomfort.

Once you choose the right epilator for you, read the instruction very carefully. The hair should be at certain length, so make sure your hair is long enough, or short enough to be removed. Prior to your epilation, you should wash the area you plan on epilating. Make sure you don’t put on any creams or lotions after you take a shower as your skin needs to be clean.

If you are using the epilator for the first time you need to check how your skin would react. Choose an area of your body to test the epilator. The best place for the initial test is a part of your body that is less visible. In case you have some reaction to the process you can easily disguise it with clothes until it heals. The legs and arms would be the least sensitive areas, so you might want to start from there. Wait for a few minutes to see if your skin becomes red. If it doesn’t it means that your skin shows no reaction to the epilator and you can continue using it.

Coping with the Pain

Be aware that the epilation is not a painless process. At first you will feel some discomfort; however, over time the discomfort will decrease and possibly disappear. We have created some guides here on how to make it hurt less, because we know how it can cause discomfort. After you finish the epilation apply some lotion on your skin to allow it heal more easily. Please don’t forget to clean the epilator after you finish using it, as the proper maintenance will prolong its life cycle and enable proper function for a longer period of time.

How to Clean Your Epilator – Our Guide

hp6401 useEpilators have become women’s best friends. Women have been able to save a lot of money by having the opportunity to remove the unwanted hair in the comfort of their homes. Although there are a number of different epilators, most of them work on the same principle. Instead of cutting the hair, as razors do, the epilators actually remove the hair from the root. By doing so, they prevent the hair from growing for a longer period of time and make the skin soft and smooth. In addition, the regular use of the epilator will make your hair “lazy” and they will become less visible.  If you want your epilator to maintain its function and be able to perform well in future you should pay a lot of attention to its maintenance.

Most epilators are very easy to use and even easier to clean. This article deals with epilators in general, so the cleaning method can be applied both to dry and wet epilators.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the head from the base. Removing the head is very simple and it depends on the make of the epilator you own. To find out how the head of your epilator can be removed please read the instructions provided with your machine. Once you remove the head you should rinse it under warm water. This will remove the majority of the hair stuck between the tweezers.

Most epilators come with a cleaning brush, but if your package didn’t include any, or somehow you have lost the brush, then you can use a simple toothbrush to make sure all hair is removed. To clean the tweezers more thoroughly you can also use alcohol. The alcohol will disinfect the tweezers and prevent possible skin irritation. This process is especially important, as epilators tend to penetrate deep into the skin and collect the sweat and skin grease accumulated on the hair. Once you finish the cleaning process you can simply wipe off the head with a clean cloth.

The epilator should be cleaned after each use, rather than before. The reason for that is that if you leave the hair in the epilator for a longer period of time it can damage the tweezers and decrease their efficiency. The maintenance process is especially important for those epilators that can be used under water. If you leave the epilator wet and forget to remove the hair from the head the chances are that after a certain period of time the tweezers will not function as they should. The hair and the grease from your skin will make them blunt and they will no longer remove the hair efficiently as before.

Moreover, if you have a dry epilator, cleaning it prior to using it might be dangerous. These dry epilators need dry surface in order to operate, so using them in wet environment may cause them to stop functioning or even worse. If you’re lucky enough to have a wet and dry epilator (meaning it can be used in water) the cleaning process is even easier as you can run the head or other parts under a tap to clear out the excess hair, it also makes cleaning up the area easier.

Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 Epilator Review

silk epil 9It may well be the best way of removing that unwanted hair, but finding the right epilator that will do an excellent job of removing your hair, keeps the pain to a minimum and won’t harm your skin is not an easy task. On the market there are number of epilators, some good, some not so good. They will remove the hair, but in some cases they will leave your skin irritated and the redness will last for days. That is why if you are looking to buy a good epilator you need to do some research. This article focuses on one specific epilator, Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561, the latest in the best selling Braun range, which has proven to be very efficient in removing hair without leaving any redness on your skin.

Features, Looks and Full Review of the Silk Epil 9

Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 is small and as with the rest of the range, it is easy to use. This epilator is convenient for both wet and dry epilation, meaning you can use it in the shower or bath, which is great not only for cleanliness but for pain too, as using water has been known to help greatly with the discomfort some people experience. It is a cordless epilator which makes it be practical and portable machine.

It allows you to remove the hair from your body very fast and keep it smooth in the next 4 weeks. This epilator has a head which is 40% wider than other machines of the same type. This enables you to remove more hair at the same time. The tweezers are not only wider but they are also deeper and longer. They can easily penetrate into your skin and remove even the hair which is usually too short even for waxing. So you can forget about having “to grow” your hair for weeks in order for them to become long enough.

This epilator has six added extras in total including the shaver head, trimmer and massage cap, skin contact cap and a facial cap. It also has a charging stand that will make sure your epilator is fully charged and prepared for future use.

The massage attachment will significantly decrease the discomfort you would usually feel during epilation. If you remove the hair on regular bases, in time you won’t be able to feel any pain. Moreover, the new hair will be thinner and lighter, meaning you will hardly be able to notice them, and they will be easier to remove the next time.

The other attachments allow you to use the epilator on other parts of your body such as the arms and underarms, your face or the sensitive bikini area.

It is very convenient for those who have easily irritated skin because unlike many epilators, Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 doesn’t pull at your skin while removing the hair, and avoids redness or pain.


Hopefully this epilator has the features you are looking for in your skin’s next best friend. The price is high, but not when you consider the amazing quality it offers. Imagine the amount of money you will save by not having to buy waxing strips and spend hours in the bathroom trying to remove all your hair by shaving. This offers value and the most exceptional quality you can get in the world of epilation.

Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator For Women Review

epiwandThe unwanted hair that grows all over your body and face can be really frustrating, especially if you are a woman. Just imagine yourself spending hours in front of the mirror picking and plucking even the smallest hair! Fortunately we don’t have to do it all manually anymore and different machines and gadgets are here to help, such as the one we’re looking at today. If you struggle with unwanted peach fuzz or facial hair, the best solution would be to have something you can keep in your purse and have it in hand every time you spot the enemy. And we might have found your perfect match!

Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator is a very small hair removal tool that will make sure your facial hair become history. It can remove every hair very fast and completely hassle free. It works on a simple method of bend and roll, and the hair is gone! The best part is that it doesn’t require any batteries, charging or any type of maintenance. Take it out, use it and stick it back in your purse. Simple as that!

The results can last for up to six weeks. This is because the hair is not cut, but it is completely removed from the root. Next time the hair decides it’s time to grow again, it will be thinner and less visible. In time it might even give up and stop growing for good.

Another advantage is that Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator is a lot cheaper then any other epilators and it will save you a lot of money by not having to go to all those beauty treatments. No more waxing, no more shaving, and no more expensive laser treatments.

This facial hair epilator is also convenient for those who have sensitive skin. However, if this is your first time of using this type of epilator then you should first do a test. Choose a small area on your face, remove the hair and wait for 24 hours to see if anything happens. If no redness appears you are good to go! This epilator should never be used on open wounds or on skin which is already irritated. If you have such areas on your skin, wait for the wounds to heal and then remove the hair.

You don’t need to take our word for it on this one, an impressive 4.5 stars out of a possible five on Amazon shows you how well received this product has been, with many loving the portability and ease of this product.

Well we are sure you are thrilled by the idea of having your own personal epilator that will follow you around. Just bend the epilator and roll it over your skin. The hair will be gone and your skin will remain soft and gentle. It doesn’t get better than this! You will not only get a portable and easy to use epilator, but it will cost you almost nothing! If this is what you have been looking for, look no more!

Remington EP7030 Epilator Review

7030Are you tired of that boring hair that seems to pop out from unwanted places? Don’t be discouraged! All you need to do is to make sure you epilate those areas on regular basis. Epilating has proven to be one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair, and has many benefits. During time the hair will get tired. Some of them will become lazy and will grow slower; some will even die as they would see that there is no point in growing if you are going to remove them anyway. Well in order to remove them efficiently you will need to get yourself a quality epilator. And lucky for you we have the right one that will put an end to your misery.

Remington’s EP7030 Epilator is a simple looking but very practical little device. It consists of 40 tweezers that will easily remove the hair and prevent them from growing in the next six weeks. It has two speeds that can be switched depending on the length or strength of your hair. It is convenient both for face and body epilation. Bear in mind that in order for the epilator to work it must be charged. Once it is fully charged remove it from the power adapter. The epilator will not work until you unplug it. This is for your own safety as this epilator can also be used under the shower. The power adapter comes included in the epilator package.

Being a Wet and Dry Epilator has benefits not just for keeping it clean, but for usage too, as showering has been shown to help with the pain of the process and even avoid the risk of ingrown hairs afterwards.

The tweezers are perfectly set to remove even the shortest hair. During the process of removal the head will massage your skin which will significantly decrease the unpleasant feeling or the possibility of irritation of your skin. The head will adjust according to the contours of the area you treat making sure all hair is gone. In addition it has a superior plucking capacity so you can remove more hair at once and at the same time it decreases the time needed for the entire process of epilation. A light is also installed on the epilator which reveals even the hidden hair that hoped to get away.

The head of the epilator can be removed for easy cleaning. In addition the epilator comes with a cleaning brush to make sure the hair is not stuck in the epilator. It is recommended that you clean the epilator after every use as that will extend its life cycle and make sure it serves you well for a longer period of time.

Hopefully this short review has helped you see the benefits of buying an epilator. Having an epilator at home gives you the opportunity to remove the hair any time you want and to make sure you always have soft and hairless skin. It is very easy to use and even easier to clean. Just make sure to follow the provided instructions and your skin will be grateful. This epilator has a very affordable price and it will save you a lot of time and money because once you buy it you will no longer have to go to the expensive beauty salons for a simple procedure such as the hair removal.