Epilating vs. Waxing – Which is Better?

emjoi softHair removal has been a popular beauty regiment for decades. Many women have enjoyed removing unwanted hair all across their body, leaving their skin smooth and healthy. For many women, the preferred method of hair removal is waxing. Waxing is a technique that uses sticky chemicals to grab onto the tiny hairs and pull them up all at once. This technique is painful for many women, but can lead to the best results. For those who would rather not turn to waxing to remove hair, epilators have been a great alternative to satisfy their needs. Epilators are small, electronic devices that use rotating discs to grab and pull hair in quick succession, much like waxing. Unlike waxing however, epilators can be used over and over again and without the use of chemicals that damage the skin. Epilators can come in different models, such as cordless, corded, or even battery-rechargeable.

So which is better, epilating or waxing? The answer is simple. Each has its pros and cons, but the bottom line is that it really comes down to the consumer’s personal preference. Waxing has been around a lot longer than epilating, and has satisfied countless women. It is far more popular than epilating, and is used worldwide and sold exclusively in many beauty stores. Epilators on the other hand are quicker to get the job done, and come in several different models and types. They can be taken almost anywhere and used at any time, and clean up is far faster than traditional waxing. The downside to epilators is that they can be very pricey depending on where the consumer gets them, while regular waxing products can be bought for half the price of most epilators. Most epilators can last for several years, and even come with 30 day money back guarantees. This makes them more than worth the cost to purchase one, and they last much longer than traditional waxing products.

In summary, it’s up to the consumer to decide whether waxing or epilating is the right choice for them. While epilators have an up front cost that is more than traditional waxing, they can be used over and over again for a long time, overall they will probably save you money. Waxing tends to be more painful than epilating, and can sometimes cause skin issues to arise due to the chemicals involved. Epilators can be taken almost anywhere, and many run on batteries that can be recharged. We, as you may be able to guess, tend to prefer Epilators for most of the reasons above, if you buy the best model you can do the job effectively, with less pain, and a lot more simplicity. The reason we think it wins the battle is because of the fact that you can do it yourself, and while on the go. Want to take an Epilator on holiday with you? No problem. Planning to wax while you’re there? Could be more difficult, finding a salon, or going through the rigmarole of trying to do it yourself or with a partner. The convenience factor goes a long way, and while everyone has their own preference, this is the method we recommend.

The Best Epilators for Your Legs Reviewed

wetdryEpilators are a great alternative for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of waxing periodically. They are fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use on many different body areas, especially the legs. Epilators use rotating discs to grab even the smallest hairs and pull them up, keeping the sensitive skin unharmed. There are many different types and models of epilators, with each being designed to excel at a certain task or method. While facial epilators are great at removing the tiny hairs that grow near the eyebrows and above the upper lip, bigger epilator models can remove the thicker and numerous hairs around the armpits, legs, and thighs. There is a wide selection of modelsto choose from, both online and in select stores, which can make things a bit confusing for new consumers interested in purchasing one. Many epilators come with different features and variants, and it is important for the consumer to research the different types and find one that can perform the way they need it to.

For legs, many models will do the job, but some are more equipped to handle the legs and thighs than others, for instance, some epilators are smaller and designed for areas such as eyebrows or your face, but will take an age to thoroughly cover your legs, so you want something larger, more efficient and of course, high quality, we’ve put together some of the models that will do exactly that.

Silk Epil 7

A reliable, all purpose epilator for new consumers to check out would be the Braun SE7921SPA Silk Epil 7 Epilator and Exfoliation Set. This product was created by Braun, and can be bought online as well as in high street retailers. It is one of the more ‘luxury’ models out there, and is a little on the pricey side, it can be purchased for around $129.99 USD. It was designed to be used on all body areas, and comes equipped with over 10,000 tiny bristles which allow it to remove even the smallest hairs. It comes in two speeds, allowing slow or fast-paced hair removal. It is rechargeable, and the consumer can expect at least 40 minutes of operation between charging. This also comes with a micro-vibration attachment, designed to help with exfoliation.

Possibly the biggest selling point is the wet and dry capabilities. You can use it in the shower and can wash it, this leads to less pain and less of a cleanup afterwards. All in all this epilator is a great choice for those consumers looking for a product that can handle all areas of the body and remove as much hair as needed. You’ll find this model recommended all over the internet, and it is highly regarded for a reason, providing one of the most versatile (and least painful) hair removal options out there.

Silk Epil 3

Another excellent epilator that is an exceptional choice for those seeking a great product for an even greater price is the Braun Silk-epil 3 Epilator, Model l 3170. This epilator is also created by Braun, and can be found online and in some select beauty stores for around $44.99 USD. It comes with a 20-tweezer system, which allows it to gently remove hairs at the root, leading to long-lasting smoothness. This epilator also includes several other features that make it a great choice for cost aware consumers, and will no doubt satisfy their needs. The only sacrifice comes in the size, but 20 tweezers are enough for most of us, and mean that you can also focus on detailed areas such as bikini line if you need to as well. A little more ‘basic’ than its sibling (the series 7) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent choice for those of us on a budget.

Sticking with this manufacturer, another great epilator is the Braun Silk Epil 5280, which is also created by Braun. This epilator can be found online and in select beauty stores for around $64.99 USD. It includes many good features, including a unique tweezer-system that can lead to long-lasting results as well as remove the smallest hairs along the skin. It’s a middle ground between the models already mentioned.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle

Another Epilator we really like, and recommend as an option for your legs, is the Philips HP6401 Satinelle – it is at the time of writing the best selling Epilator out there, and it has that title for a reason, it is effective, has two speeds, and gets the job done on large areas perfectly, plus it’s available at a very reasonable price, making it a bestseller.

Many consumers want an epilator that can keep their legs and thighs smooth and soft. Several different models and variants exist that can do just that, and most will satisfy the consumer and bring great results. Any of the Epilators above will do a good job for you, just make sure you’re getting something capable of handling the larger areas of skin such as your thighs and calves.

Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Review


Epilady, as the name suggests, are a company which specializes in the making of Epilators. Whereas other manufacturers such as Braun have a wide range of electrical products, these are more niche, so do their products live up to expectation? We’ve reviewed a few of the Epilady range here on the site and have generally been impressed, today we’re taking a look at the EP-810-33A Legend 4 to see what it has to offer.

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • Can be used corded or cordless, rechargeable with good battery life
  • Equipped with an epilating angle guide to remove even the finest hair and provide smooth and silky skin post epilation
  • Two operating speeds to choose from depending on where you’re using it and your pain threshold
  • Leaves your skin smooth for up to a month
  • Dual voltage (110/220) and easy to use everywhere

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for smooth and silky skin. Though it can be used on legs, arms, underarms, face and bikini line, reviews suggest that naturally, the amount of pain while epilating increases in sensitive areas. But the good news is that loads of people have mentioned that this is one of the least painful Epilators out there! A real bonus. The main things to remember are to hold it at the correct angle (failure to do so can make it hurt) and to try and use it after a shower. Using a numbing cream or utilizing some of the other techniques we have mentioned here on the site can also help you out a lot.

One thing that struck us about the EP-810-33A Legend 4 is the fact that it is really quiet in comparison to a lot of the other models, and is designed to be so, this is something Epilady have added to some of their models and is helpful if you’re looking to use it subtly or without irritating others!

Other Reviews and Our Conclusion

The reviews of this product on Amazon are really positive, and it is one of the top selling models out there, if we take a look at the price point, this is somewhere in the middle for a product of its type, and with loads of features such as dual speed and the fact that it is better for those of us who struggle with pain. Happy consumers shared that this product is great for removing hair long term, using it over time will reduce your need as hair begins to grow sparsely. So if you want to stop shaving like some satisfied users of this product than this is your epilating solution.

This might well be the Epilator for you. It’s affordable, made by a company with a really great reputation, and we’ve found it to be both versatile and effective. Comes with our top recommendation.

Best Epilators for Sensitive Skin – Avoid Skin Irritation

wetdryWe know that skin care is one of the most important aspects of beauty, and many of us go to some lengths to get our skin to the perfection. If you suffer with sensitive skin, this can be a real curse and make things incredibly difficult. You can try various creams after epilating but that is not a definite solution. Epilators that are of a high enough quality not give you a skin care nightmares are sometimes tough to find, so we’ve done the leg work for you! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top three epilators that will amaze you both in their quality and in the field of skin care.

Phillips HP6401

Phillips is known as one of the biggest electronics companies out there and they have entered the hair removal niche, so it is little surprise to find a great product at a great price. You will be amazed how something this little can achieve so much. It has 21 tweezers with two speed mode, a washable head and corded use. The HP 6401 will make your skin smooth as silk, and though no Epilator is completely painless, this is one of the better models for this. There is an ergonomic handle so it can never slip from your hand. The price of Philips HP6401 is very reasonable and it is one of the best models if you’re on a budget.

Panasonic ES-WD51-P

Meet the next solid option that comes up when it is time to choose a good quality machine that won’t damage your skin. Panasonic ES-WD is the best friend of your delicate skin. It has many features that you will find useful. Forty-eight tweezers with one speed mode, an easy washable head and it is cordless so you it is easy to use. The main features that make it good for your skin are that it is wet and dry so it can be used in the shower or bath, this is really helpful to your skin and also is known to reduce pain. Also, is a rotatable so it can get the job done even in difficult areas, meaning it doesn’t snag or annoy your skin. Excellent reviews all over the internet show you that the Panasonic is one of the top models on the market, and worth the extra cost.

Braun 7861 Silk Epil

Braun is the most famous epilator maker out there and it is our number one choice when dealing with sensitive skin. They did name it silk for a good reason as its touch is as smooth as silk and your skin will be grateful that you had decided to purchase Braun 7861 Silk Epil. Many features are included such as 40 tweezers with 2 speed mode, pivoting and washable head and it is wet and dry, which as already mentioned above is very helpful. It also has a light to ensure a thorough job and not missing any stubborn hairs and it is light to carry so that is another great thing about Braun 7861 Silk Epil. We have a full review of the Series 7 Epilator here on the site, which shows why it truly is one of the best of its type on the market.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a problem with these top notch epilators, they will help you get that annoying but necessary hair removal done and make you look as million dollars, the options above provide you with a few different pricing points, and as you may expect the more you spend, the more features you have at your disposal – you just need to choose the one that you like the best. We hope that we helped you in making that choice.

Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil Epilator Review

braun series 3

Braun’s Silk-Epil series offer us some of the most popular Epilators in the world, in fact, it is probably the best known brand out there for this type of product. The series 3 is very much the ‘baby’ of the range, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and this still offers a range of features making it a real player if you’re looking for a top of the range hair removal device.

Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil Epilator Features

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • 20 tweezers to ensure maximum hair is plucked efficiently for smooth skin
  • Massaging rollers to ensure your skin is relaxed and stimulated to make the process easier
  • Smartlight to make sure all hair strands are visible, so no hair is missed in the process
  • Delivers up to a whole month of smooth skin wherever you choose to put it to use
  • Two inbuilt speeds for different levels of intensity

Braun have a handy comparison table which shows the features of the Series 3-3170 in comparison to its siblings in the Silk-Epil range. A look at that will show you that this is the baby of the range. It doesn’t exfoliate like some of the other models, and it isn’t a wet and dry model (you can’t use it in the bath and shower) but that doesn’t mean you should be put off, it still offers enough features for most of us and is a versatile hair removal solution.

It offers 20 tweezers, which is really slap bang in the middle of what most of these products offer, the smaller ones often have 9 or 12 whilst large models have up to 60. 20 is big enough to allow you to use it on areas like your legs, but is still small enough to do some detailing, and areas like your bikini line or even you eyebrows or other facial fuzz!

Having two different speed modes means you can opt for the more gentle option or go all out for efficiency (and bravery) and switch it up to level two! This is a great choice for a lot of us to have and make s this one of the best epilators for beginners.

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for smooth and silky skin. Though a problem a lot of people encounter is that this way of removing hair can result in redness and ingrown hairs, reviews of the silk-epil suggest that this is not a problem if you ensure you fully grow out your hair before using. Furthermore reviews state that if you are sick and tired of avoiding wearing skirts and are looking to prolong hair growth on your legs than this epilator definitely does the job.

A small tip to keep is mind is that you should pull your skin tight whilst using this to reduce pain. Also reviews suggest that the areas around your ankles are really sensitive so do not begin from there and growing your hair out reduces pain throughout. We have a full guide on keeping Epilating as painless as possible here on the site too.


The one main advantage this has over the rest of the Silk-Epil range is the price. Cheaper than the rest of the models, it offers a lot of the features of its bigger sisters, but for half the price! If you need a wet and dry model, this isn’t the one for you, but for a versatile, reliable model, small enough to take on your travels and use on small areas of your body yet still able to handle legs and other larger areas, this is the one for you. Braun know what they’re doing, and the Series 3-3170 is another home run from the electronics giant. Comes with our top recommendation if you need a budget yet good quality product.

Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Corded Epilator Review

epilady speedAn epilator can be a girls best friend! It is an alternative to shaving which lasts longer, and isn’t as expensive (or painful) as waxing. It has become one of the most popular ways to groom your unwanted bodily hair. So, this makes choosing the right model to invest in an important decision. While there are many epilators available in the market products made by Epilady, the first producer of spring type Epilators, caught our attention.

Although there are some products which are designed for hair removal in specific areas, there are some, such as the EP-810-44 that are designed to epilate everything, facial hair, arms, legs etc. If you are interested in the review of a tried and tested model that is both high quality and versatile enough to aid all areas of your body, then you are at the right place.

Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Features

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • Two operating speeds, which you can regulate as per requirement
  • Equipped with an angle guide to remove even the finest hair and provide smooth and silky skin post epilation
  • With 40 tweezers the epilator creates 31000 tweezes per minute when placed at full speed, making it fast and efficient.

Our Thoughts

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for smooth and silky skin with a product that works really well. Though the epilator can be used on legs, arms, underarms, face and bikini line, reviews suggest that the epilator is a little large to provide required precision for grooming upper lips and eyebrows. However, it works well for other parts of your body and as stated by tons of pleased users. If you can stand a little pain then you can definitely bid adieu to shaving.

Reviews also suggest that this is among the more affordable multipurpose model of its kind available in the market. Also it is important to note that like other reviews suggest that the pain should not discourage you from epilating, as the pain will subside as you get used to the process. So if you are using this epilator cold turkey it will hurt but if you are used to epilating that this epilator is not bad at all. Don’t forget our guide to making Epilating hurt less.

Our consensus, as well as that of most reviews you will find online, is that for an affordable Epilator, this does the business. If you’re looking for a cheaper model which is versatile enough to use on multiple areas of your body, then this is the one we would recommend. It isn’t the all singing, all dancing top of the range model, but it is good enough for most of us, and even though it is corded, unless you’re in need of a travel model then that shouldn’t provide too much restriction.

The Best Epilators For Your Bikini Line Reviewed

bikiniEpilators are the modern and efficient way to remove unwanted hair, and perhaps the most unwanted hair of all for a woman is around the bikini line. Epilators are generally designed to be good at providing smooth skin, but some do the job better than others, and that is why a little consideration is required when deciding on an epilator for one of the more delicate areas, your Bikini Line

The area around your Bikini Line is sensitive so a little though is require while purchasing a suitable model. Though some people opt to use a regular Epilator for the bikini line as well, there are plenty of bikini line specific ones available in the market. Picking out the best can be quite the challenge. With so many options available shopping might be a challenge so we have compiled a list of 3 best Epilators for Bikini Line.

Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler

First, the Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler. A battery operated model. Available in pink and white, this is among the most affordable bikini line epilators. This product has great reviews and people like the sleek size and its user-friendly properties. Many have said that this model is good for facial hair and other areas as well as the bikini line, with eyebrows being another area you can easily sculpt with this small hair removal tool. Designed to remove hair in the more intricate area of the body, it is not the best quality of the three models, however it is great value for money as it is the cheapest on our list.

Emjoi Epi Slim

The Emjoi Epi Slim Hair Remove Epilator is cordless, portable and ideal for the more delicate areas. Reviews suggest that the epilator does a very good job. 9 Tweezers mean that this is a small model. It has an excellent motor, which is definitely an advantage which means it will remove hair more efficiently and importantly, less painfully! This makes it good for delicate areas, and the bikini line is definitely one of those! As well as this, you can use it on facial areas, underarm, eyebrows and more. We have a full written review of the Epi Slim here. It definitely comes with our recommendation.

Philips HP6378

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer is possibly the most impressive of all! Cordless, available in opal and aqua and is another quality and dependable hair removal device. Most of the reviews state that the epilator does a wonderful job in grooming the bikini line. It has an exceptional range of features, with six different attachments for different body parts and functions. This doubles up as a trimmer and a shaver too, making it good value for money if you need this to be versatile. This is a wet and dry model too, meaning you can use it in the shower or out, which can be helpful when it comes to both mess and comfort.

If you like to sort items by price when you shop then note that the items are listed starting the most affordable option. The general consensus with these epilators is that they are specifically designed to groom the bikini line and do a good job in doing so. The Braun is something of a value model, whilst the other two offer a bit more luxury in terms of functions and ability. You can choose which is the best option for you. Even though there are multiple options available in the market choosing the right product for you can be a little difficult. We hope this list does a good job in providing you with some of the most popular bikini line epilators available in the market.

Emjoi AP-10LR Light Caress Epilator Review

emjoi lightAn epilator is regarded is a cost effect way of hair removal and investing in the right product could result in it being your hair removal solution for years. So, this makes choosing the right model very important While there are many epilators available in the market Emjoi is among the more prominent brands, and one we love to talk about here on the site. Although there are some models designed for all areas of your body: facial hair, arms, legs etc., there are some epilators which are designed for hair removal in specific areas. If you are interested in a tried and tested product that works really well for your legs, bikini line and underarms then you have come to the right place, as the Emjoi AP-10LR Light Caress may well be the solution to your problems.

Emjoi AP-10LR Epilator Features

The following features are built in the epilator:

  • 36 Tweezers for efficient epilation, these are even made of 24k gold to guarantee quality
  • Use corded or cordless, rechargeable
  • Dual speed for use based on requirement and pain threshold
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Built in light to help you to find and remove light and short, awkward hair

This product seems to be a popular choice for people who are looking for and easy and user-friendly corded and cordless epilator. Reviews suggest that the cordless option can be particularly useful in providing flexibility in where you set out to epilate. Even though the product description suggests that its designed to work well on legs, bikini line and underarms reviews suggest it work well on facial hair as well, an added use. So despite some reviews suggesting this is a little pricey the utility could result in a greater bang for your buck. Though reviews are consistent in stating that epilating can hurt and pulling your skin can help, the satisfying results of saving time, money and epilating wherever you want (cordless option) makes the product super useful. A little pain can make you gain a lot as reviews suggest that hair growth is prolonged (and you do not have to keep up everyday like shaving). Lastly, if you are looking for something to keep for a while then this should definitely be the epilator of your choice as reviews state that people have used this for years!

What Others Have Said

Many people online have heaped praise on the Emjoi AP-10LR, and said that it is even the best Epilator they’ve ever found themselves using. It is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and maybe isn’t the most efficient if you need to cover large areas, but for places like bikini line, unwanted facial hair and other small areas this is a perfect solution. It has an average star rating of over 4/5 on Amazon.


Just like any other appliance purchase this requires a little consideration and research. Do you need to go through a bit more reviews before you make up your mind (even after reading this article)? Please visit Amazon for details and reviews on the product and to purchase the product. Splurge a little on an epilator and save lots of money by skipping waxing session and shaving razors!

Best After Epilation Creams – Excellent Aftercare for Epilating

depileveWhen you Epilate, the electronic hair removal device plucks multiple hair strands at a time from the roots inside your skin. While epilation can be the most efficient method out of all styles of hair removal, the process of epilation might irritate your skin if you do not follow proper aftercare steps. A little extra care is particularly important the first few times you epilate. Fortunately, there are products designed to help you if you find yourself in this situation. A cream such as these might be the best solution to soothe your skin.

Just like any other purchase, how do you know which cream works the best? Is it necessary to spend big on after epilation cream? To make your life easier we have compiled a list of creams that have resulted in the most satisfied users, with a brief comparison of their features and suitability for your needs and budget.

Emjoi PX EJ After Epilation Cream – This product, by Emjoi (who also manufacture many of the best Epilators) is enriched with properties that will slow hair growth along with soothing your skin post epilation. Reviews suggest that the cream is very effective and it lasts a long time, made with Aloe and suitable for any area of your body, this is one of the best ways to finish off your routine.

Gigi Post Epilation Lotion will soothe and moisturize your skin post epilation. This company are more focused on skincare than Epilation as such, and focus on the excess wax on the surface of your skin as well as keeping your pores clear and healthy. Reviews suggest that the cream is soothing and works well.

Depileve Soothing Cream, Camomila & Aloe Vera will help subside any skin redness and irritation caused by epilation. Reviews suggest that the cream does an excellent job of reducing redness, and it can be used for other allergic reactions and irritation. The Depileve range also offer products for after waxing and are one of the best manufacturers of these kinds of products.

Kalo Nisim Kalo Post Epilating Lotion will help stop hair growth while soothing skin post epilation. Reviews state that the product works really well in prolonging hair growth when applied after epilation, if directions are followed properly, this means more time until you have to go through the process again, which is always a bonus!

Omiera Labs Adroit – Hair Growth Inhibitor helps reduce hair growth, prevents breakouts and prevents dark spot after hair removal. Reviews state that this really helps in prolonging hair growth when used post epilation.

If you like to sort items by price when you shop then note that the items are listed starting the most affordable option. However before you decide which product to purchase purely based on price then it is important to note that any one of these products could be your solution to soothe your skin afterwards; but some of these products work better than others in preventing that annoying redness of skin and reducing the speed of hair growth after epilation.

So, if you epilate what are you waiting for? Hurry and try either one of these aftercare creams after your next epilation session and flaunt smooth and silky post epilation skin, avoiding irritation and redness, which means you can eliminate one of the few downsides to Epilating.

Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator Review

estheticAre you tired of those annoying hairs on your face? Do you want to get rid of your facial hair easily even without going to a salon or spa? Remove your unwanted eyebrow hair permanently or get rid of the peach fuzz? You can absolutely do it yourself anytime and anywhere just by using Epilady Esthetic –Delicate Facial Epilator. It uses a latest technology in effectively removing facial hair almost instantly and effortlessly without a complicated and painful process such as waxing, plucking, and many more.

Product features:

  • Specially made to remove facial hair – This facial epilator uses a state of the art technology to remove facial hair efficiently and ensure that the roots are included to prevent it from growing back quickly. It is absolutely much better compared to shaving and definitely faster than manual plucking. It is smaller than most epilators which makes it great for use in smaller areas, just like your face.
  • Gentle on skin – It is 100% gentle on skin yet tough in removing facial hair. It does not leave chicken skin or any sign of hair removal, your skin would surely stay smooth as it is but without those little hair.
  • Portable – Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator weighs only 0.3 ounces, which made it super lightweight. Product dimensions is 1 x 1 x 6”, which made it very portable so you can definitely bring it anywhere you go and remove those facial hair whenever you need to. It also comes with a carrying case to make it more convenient to carry, just put it in your bag and you are definitely good to go.
  • Easy to wash – The kit comes with cleaning brush so you can easily wash it before and after you use it. It is certainly hygienic, which is highly essential in taking good care of your facial skin. This feature is perfect to prevent any skin irritations or allergy that might damage your skin.
  • User friendly – This amazing product is so easy to use and it also comes with a complete manual that absolutely answers all of your concerns with regard to operating it. It is definitely easy and convenient to use.
  • Battery operated – Two double A batteries are required to fully operate this product, you can also use a rechargeable battery to save more money. You do not need to carry a charger because as long as you have batteries, then you can enjoy its awesome features.

Those are the wonderful features of Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator. It is absolutely convenient to use. You do not need to undergo expensive treatments all the time that requires so much time because you can get rid of your facial hair easily at the convenience of your own house. It ensures to remove facial hair from the roots so it would not grow back easily. It deals delicately with your skin that you might not even need a gel or Vaseline. It effectively removes your facial hair to achieve a smoother skin for a very reasonable price. You do not need to tolerate those tiny facial hairs because with this product in your bathroom, there is always a seamless way of removing it.