Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator and Shaver – Our Review

emjoi eraseEmjoi are a brand we cover a lot on our Epilator site, their large range of products are generally well received, and the eRase e60 is one of the best reviewed Epilators out there. I can tell you straight off the bat that this is one of the best out there, for a variety of reasons, not least because of the comfort of use and lack of pain reported by so many of the users!

Why is the eRase so Painless?

Well, its duel head and 60 tweezers come with precision engineering, they’re designed to take hairs right from the root at the first attempt, and they usually manage to do so! Meaning that pain is minimized through shear efficiency. If you’re a first time user it won’t be totally painless of course, but as Epilators go, this is one of the best for those of us with a low pain threshold! Even more of the features (mentioned below) are in place to help with your comfort and avoiding pain.


On top of its impressive 60 tweezers, the Emjoi e60 comes with a ton of other features:

  • eRase “glide” technology to ensure smooth passing across the skin, another way it minimizes discomfort.
  • Dual heads are designed to stretch the skin whilst passing over it, yet ANOTHER way it minimizes pain, and also makes sure it gets the best coverage when it comes to ridding your skin of unwanted hair.
  • Can be used on the face as well as body, so you can get rid of that unwanted, fine facial hair.
  • Can remove hairs as tiny as 0.3 mm
  • Takes all hairs from right at the root, meaning you can go as long as 6 weeks without having to epilate again, perfect for long holidays and just more convenient!
  • Comes with a ‘sensitive’ attachment for the more sensitive areas on the body such as the bikini line.
  • Two different speeds to suit your preference.
  • Comes in the box with a travel pouch, impressive 71 inch cord, cleaning brush, an instructional booklet and more.
  • Available in a variety of different colors! Nothing to do with performance but it is still cool to be able to choose your favorite color to add to your collection.
  • Great value for money!

Downsides of the eRase e60

There are downsides, in spite of this being a fantastic Epilator. It isn’t cordless, meaning it has to be plugged in for you to use it, not ideal for travel but usually not a big issue. This is really the only criticism we can find of the e60, though some have talked about Emjoi not having the build quality to last years and years, but naturally Epilators do have a life expectancy, and won’t last you 10 years unfortunately! That’s just the nature of products like this.


This Epilator really does come with high recommendation from us, it is well made, great for managing pain, and does a good job, all at a very reasonable price tag. Emjoi are one of the best brands out there who specialize in Epilation. You can usually pick this model up for well below its $150 RRP, making it great value for money. If you’re not overly bothered about cordless use, and a (very reasonable 71″) cord will suffice for you, this could well be the model to suit your hair removal needs!

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

philips hp6401When it comes to Epilators, Philips are one of the top manufacturers out there, and most prolific, which is proved with the Philips HP6401 Satinelle, which at the time of writing is the best selling Epilator on Amazon. So does it live up to the hype?

About the Company

In case you didn’t already know, Philips are an absolute giant in the world of consumer electronics, producing everything from kitchen appliances to, well, epilators! Founded over 100 years ago, the company pride themselves on quality and simplicity throughout their massive range.


The first thing to mention about the Satinelle is the price. Philips have obviously looked to hit a more affordable area of the market, and while most epilators will be close to, or above $100, this is available for less than half of that price, but is it quality and reliable or is it simply a cheaply made option for those of us not wanting to splash the cash on our grooming? An excellent question…

Features of the HP6401

Dual Speed. Impressively, this product offers multiple speeds, this is in place so that you can choose depending on which area you are focusing on, and the more sensitive areas may require the ‘gentle’ speed to reduce the pain of the experience. Looking to epilate larger areas such as legs? Turn up the speed and whizz through if you can handle it.

Although this is not a wet and dry model (can’t be put underwater or used in the shower) it does have a washable head, which makes the cleanup operation 100 times easier! This is something everyone who buys this product will be thankful for after a use or two.

As you would expect, it removes hair from the root and leaves your skin feeling super smooth, it boasts removal of hairs just 0.5 mm long, which means you can get really close to the skin with the tweezers. 21 Hypoallergenic discs are in place to avoid the skin of the areas in question getting irritated during use.

The Satinelle HP6401 is designed to be a full body Epilator, to remove hairs as painlessly as possible in all areas of the body, there aren’t a lot of places where this struggles even when compared to the more expensive models on the market.

The use of the product is corded, which is fine for most of us but may not be ideal for traveling. It is the cheapest in a whole range of sister products from Philips, some of which offer more complex features, but for a basic trimmer, this could be the one for you.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews

hp6401 useThere is a reason this is the number one seller (at time of writing) on Amazon’s Hair Removal section. A 4 star average mark out of 5 is really incredible for a product offering such great value. While a few reviews have claimed that this struggles on coarser hair, most of us have not had this problem at all, and there are hundreds of great reviews both from females and males! There are more five star reviews than any other ratings.


Easy to use, versatile, leaves your skin smooth and avoids irritation, this Epilator ticks a lot of boxes, considering that it is available under the $50 mark, you can’t go too far wrong. Is this the best Epilator ever made? No. Is it a great option for those of us on a budget? Absolutely! Comes with our recommendation for those of you looking for a value product, the Philips HP6401 doesn’t disappoint.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet and Dry Epilator Review

panasonic esed90pPanasonic perhaps aren’t the most prolific of manufacturers when it comes to Epilators, but they have a prestigious history of making great electric products including grooming products and household items. They are a worldwide brand, and you can count on them for a wide range of your needs, but is this the case with Epilators? Are they up to our high standards here at Best Epilator Guide?

Panasonic have taken on Emjoi, Silk-Epil and more top of the range models, and haven’t been shy on the price here. The RRP is up over $100, so the expectations for the product will be high for those parting with their hard-earned cash. Does it live up to it?

Features of the Panasonic ES-ED90-P

The first thing to mention is that it is wet and dry. This means that it is waterproof (100% waterproof as the manufacturers claim), so you can use it in the shower or bath, can wash it completely and avoid any mess when you’re removing that unwanted hair. This goes some way to justifying the price tag, but the other features are also impressive.

A cleverly designed head sticks out as a real plus point, it is at a 60 degree angle and has 48 rotating tweezers for the most efficient removal going, and to shape to the contour of your body. It really does make it easier to use. The “side-to-side hiding shaving head” is there to help to treat the skin softly, something we are all grateful for when it comes to the pain we can experience with hair removal. The hypo-allergenic blade makes it a good choice even for people who suffer with sensitive skin, and will avoid irritation.

The battery is brilliant, and takes under an hour to charge fully in some cases.

The icing on the cake is the 6 heads that are on offer. Different attachments are in place for different needs, and are designed for use on different areas such as the bikini line, feet and more. This turns this into one of the most versatile epilators on the market today.

panasonic wetdry

What Others Have Said

Customer reviews from Amazon
Customer reviews for the Panasonic ES-ED90-P are overwhelmingly on the positive side of the spectrum, suggesting that the price tag is after all justified. Many have made the inevitable Emjoi comparison, and it has to be said that this model comes off favorably in most peoples’ views. A brilliant 4.1 out of 5 average rating on Amazon speaks for itself. Areas where this epilator thrives includes the underarms, which can traditionally be a really tough area for women to deal with, the bikini area and pretty much anywhere else, and as I have already mentioned, those six different heads really come into their own when you need to focus on different areas.


The electronics powerhouse that is Panasonic have thrown their weight around with this model, and have created one of the top selling Epilators in the world, and certainly on Amazon. It is costly, but then not many epilators come cheap, and in many respects the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is apt. Works brilliantly on thick and fine hairs, and comes with top recommendation from us!

Best Women’s Epilators

silk-epilNowadays, there are many methods of removing unwanted hair, from epilators to removal cream. Most women are most familiar with shaving, simply because it is the most widely-known way of hair grooming and by far the easiest. However, there are a lot of disadvantages in shaving. One is that the hair that grows back in the shaved area tends to become thicker the more you shave it. You also have to be careful as the razor used is sharp and can cause wounds which can then lead to awful-looking scars.

Ever since epilating has been introduced, shaving has become a second-option, sometimes third (second being the ever popular waxing). Simply put, epilating is more effective, more efficient, and a hair grooming method that keeps the epilated area smooth for up to 4 weeks. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common areas women shave and the best epilators specifically tailored for that body part. Many think that Epilators are just for women, but this is not true, many men have turned to this method to remove unsightly hair such as back and neck hair.

1) Upper Lip

It isn’t pretty. You call the hair in the upper lip a mustache. The urban term, though, is femstache which means a female mustache. This is very common and genetics plays a huge role in having a femstache. However, not all women groom it, especially those who have thin and almost unnoticeable femstache. For those who have thick hair in the upper lip, they want to get rid of it, but don’t want to shave it. I personally think all women who has a femstache wants to get rid of it but just doesn’t know how to since they don’t want to shave it and risk it growing back thicker.

Recommended Epilator: Bellabe

Easy-to-use, affordable, and no complicated techniques needed. It’s more like you’re just doing an exercise. Bellabe is made up of two plastic handles on both sides and a spring-like mechanism that connects the two handles. You make the spring expand by letting the two handles meet and making a horseshoe shape, you put it in the femstache area, and you twist it using your thumb. Make a few passes on the upper lip and voila! All of your femstache will have been taken away, even the thinnest ones. Plus, with this, you don’t need electricity or battery. Just a pair of talented hands.

2) Underarms

99.99% of women I know don’t want any hair in their armpits. It just doesn’t look good. That’s all. Most women do shaving in this area and again, the hair grows back thicker. It also contributes to having dark underarms as the shaved area gets darker and darker the more you shave it.

Recommended Epilator : Emjoi Soft Caress

emjoi soft

The name sounds like it is going to be a cakewalk when you use this. I say differently. Most women who used it reviewed it as an epilator that’s initially painful to use and that will usually be the case for the first couple of sessions. But they also said, “The pain was worth it.” Results are astounding. No traces of hair will be found on your armpit and you will just need to repeat the process at least once a week to make sure no hair will be seen in your underarms.


3) General Epilating

If you’re looking for a good all rounder, you may be looking to epilate unwanted facial hair as mentioned above, as well as underarms, and other areas, namely the bikini area, your legs, and in some cases other areas. So what is a great, versatile model that can handle all of this?

Recommended Epilator: Silk Epil 7 by Braun

There is a reason it is the top selling Epilator at its price point, manufacturers Braun are excellent at producing grooming products, and this is no different, with 40 tweezers, four different heads and claiming to remove hairs better than waxing could ever hope to. It is also a wet and dry model which means you can use it in the shower or bath, or simply wash it off after use. Comes with our top recommendation.

Generally, women want to make sure they look good all the time. There’s no worse scenario than them being seen with unwanted hair in these body parts. With this guide, you’ll be able to pick the best epilators from among many to handle your hair grooming needs.

Braun vs Emjoi Epilators – The Showdown!

silk-epilEpilation, in a nutshell, is a revolutionary way of taking care of unwanted hair in the body. It covers all body parts and is more effective than any other methods like shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc. It all started in 1986 when Epilady, the very first company that made epilators, introduced this method to the public. It’s more like tweezing but done in a faster and more efficient manner where the area epilated stays smooth for up to 4 weeks.

In today’s market, there are two giants competing in the “best” title in epilators. Let’s take a look at both Braun and Emjoi.


The top Braun Epilators
Braun as a brand goes way back. It’s an ancient company, even older than the original creator of epilators. They started in the 1920’s and boomed in the late 1960’s as one of the top companies in producing small electronics. Things like hairbrush with buit-in wifi, vacuum cleaner that creates black holes, etc. (I’m totally kidding, by the way). Kidding aside, when they got involved in the epilation industry, it already has its own giants. But, being a company that has developed products for a long period of time, they quickly stole the spotlight with their top-of-the-line, highly innovative epilators that remain as best-sellers even today. The features are futuristic but the only downside is the price. Their brand is more like a concoction of the best qualities and the priciest materials for epilators. They make epilators that cater to all body parts in general and most of their epilators look really good.


The top Emjoi Epilators on The Market
Emjoi, on the other hand, is more like a steady player. They’ve rarely brought out something out of the ordinary, and never made a big noise as compared to Braun. But their products offer balance. They use natural materials and have always been a fan of keeping everything together. Efficiency and effectiveness is still present, although not as revolutionary as Braun. Their products cater the general public as their prices are really affordable. They strive to bring something new to the table from time to time but they don’t rush it, at least not as much as their nemesis. They’re more like the silent but steady competitor. They have a huge array of epilators that target specific areas of the body. This is great if you’re just looking to remove hair from one specific area. Recently, they’ve also made products related to pedicure and have bundled it with their epilators.

What Brand Should I Buy?

Branding is an important aspect to look at as a buyer. However in epilators, it really is about your preferences. Price plays a huge part in your decision. Whether you want to go for something “good enough” and affordable or something “great” but pricey is totally a choice that you have to make. You should also consider the areas of your body you’ll use the epilator at. If you’re someone who removes unwanted hair in a lot of parts in your body, then I would say Braun is the right choice for you. But if you’re looking to remove hair in a few specific parts, or want something such as a detailed eyebrow epilator or likewise, then you should totally go for Emjoi.

EP6010 – Remington Smooth and Silky Review – Full Size Epilator

remington ep6010Remington are one of the top manufacturers of grooming products, both male and female, and their foray into a relatively new product line, Epilators, has been very successful. In this post we take a microscopic look at the Remington Smooth and Silky full size epilator, one of the best selling products of its type, and probably the highest selling Remington epilator that there is. So, does it live up to its hype? Is this one of the best or a total flop? Lets look in detail at the Smooth and Silky.


This epilator offers some top features that would rival any other product of its type at this pricing point:

  • Dual Speeds. This is something offered by many products these days, the purpose of dual speed is so that it can be changed depending on whether the hair in question is coarse or fine. This means different areas of your body may require different speeds.
  • Curved head. The idea behind this is that your body, and the areas in question, aren’t going to be flat, so a flat head can make things tough, a curved head is great for areas like legs especially, making this one of the best epliators for legs.
  • 42 tweezers. Quite a high number of tweezers meaning this can handle large chunks of hair at a time, and quickly (we don’t want this process to last longer than it has to)
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee. This shows the confidence Remington have in their product, and gives you peace of mind for two years of use.
  • Corded use only. Not a problem for most of us, cordless would be a really great benefit but it isn’t always imperative. Other models do offer cordless use but are usually a little more expensive.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews on Amazon

This is one of the most widely reviewed Epilators and the vast majority are positive! Inevitably, its going to be a little painful at first, but the day a painless epilator is released is the day all others become redundant! The price is a big plus point in many reviews, whereas other products similar to the EP6010 Smooth and Silky may top $100, but this can be picked up for nearly half this price, making it a good value product too. As you continue to use the Remington, it becomes less and less painful, the hair that grows back will be more fine and eventually it will feel like second nature, rather than being an experience you dread!


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the price of this epilator is one of its major selling points, $60 being a price point you can often find on Amazon for this product, where it has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, very respectable for the EP6010. Remington know what they’re doing, and there’s no questioning their ability when it comes to grooming products, this is the latest in a successful line, and comes with our recommendation!

How to Use an Epilator: Our Guide

silkepilYou don’t need to be a rocket scientist to begin epilating. The whole process should, in theory, be rather simple. That said, there are a few things you need to consider before (and during) doing so. Preparation plays a huge role. In this article, we outline the things you need to do before epilating and the exact how-to guide of the process. This is, of course, assuming that you’ve already made up your mind, gone ahead and bought a quality epilator (if not, we have plenty of info on this too).



  • You need to exfoliate your skin either the day before or on the day of the process. This will help you prevent ingrown hair and also prevent the appearance of stubble.
  • Depending on the epilator you’ll use, you can either do it while your skin is wet or completely dry (wet and dry models are available). Take note, though. If you’re doing it dry, you should make sure that your skin is really dry. If you’re doing it wet, make sure it is really wet, not damp.
  • Take a Warm Shower. This also helps, as it opens up the pores and softens the hair a bit. Make sure to clean the area you want to epilate thoroughly.

Apply Ice
Right before you start to go to work, applying ice will help, mainly in numbing the area you will epilate. It can be painful, especially if you’re new to it. So applying this trick will help you cope up with it and tolerate the pain a bit more.

Epilate The Night or Day Before You’ll Go Out
Initially, you might experience a lot of redness. Letting the area in question rest for at least 24 hours will make sure that the redness will heal fully, and won’t be noticeable if you’re out and about.

How to Epilate

  • If it’s your first time to epilate, then this won’t matter. But if you’ve done it before, make sure that your epilator is clean before you use it. Clean it thoroughly, if not.
  • Unlike shaving or waxing, there is an ideal hair length for epilating. The hair you will remove should be no more than 1.5cm. The optimal hair length, for best results, is 4-5mm.
  • Hold the epilator as steadily as you can at 90 degrees.
  • Press the machine onto your skin. Not too near as it may capture your skin and stop rotating, not too far either as it may not capture the hair you’re looking to remove.
  • As opposed to shaving, you should do strokes opposite the direction your hair is growing. You should do one long stroke after another.
  • Continue working on the area until no trace of hair can be seen.

Additional Tips

Always check yourself in the mirror during the process. This will help you check if you’ve done it well enough and help you see if there’s no more hair noticeable.

It is more preferable to epilate an area while the skin is being stretched. The other hand holds and moves the machine, while the other hand stretches the skin.

If your skin becomes sensitive and reddens after an epilating session, get an ice pack and put it in the affected area. This will greatly reduce the pain and redness.

The Best Travel Epilators: Epilating On The Go!

philipsFor people who are always on-the-go, the most crucial part of the day is preparation. Especially for business people who handle a lot of meetings,  models that live off of looking good all the time and just everyone who takes pride in their appearance, there’s no more important thing than the way they groom themselves before they start their days. Hence, we bring you this article on travel epilators.

Let’s be honest. Unwanted hair, especially in the facial area, is an awful sight whenever we look in the mirror. And this even becomes that great of a deal especially when we go travelling. No matter what the reasons are, for vacation, for work, for business, travelling leaves us in a pickle when it comes to how to trim those rough edges that needs proper grooming. Luckily, there are epilators that cater to the needs of travel people.

Best Travel Epilators

Here, we list a few products that will surely help you keep that unwanted hair in-check, and make you more confident in presenting yourself all the time, wherever and whenever. For a woman, there’s nothing more frustrating than having the need to groom in the legs and bikini area just before a swim. Or for an executive who wears a beard that’s just all over the place and sideburns that makes him/her look disheveled and poorly groomed.

Braun SE7681 Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Compact and easy to carry, this monster is one of the best –sellers of the Braun epilators line. With 40 tweezers aligned, this can help you groom almost any area of the body with less the pain from the high-frequency massage it also gives. You can use it virtually anywhere even in the tub since it is waterproof. Rechargeable and can last up to 40 minutes of continuous usage. You can use it whenever, day or night, with its built-in smartlight. It’s surely worth your $105.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Has a bit of a fatter head than its Braun counterpart, but doesn’t lose in quality. Instead of metal discs, Philips used ceramic textured material which better removes hair even the finest ones, also less painful. Can also last up to 40 minutes and has a built-in smartlight as well. However, you can only use this dry. To compensate, this epilator is easier to clean with its detachable head, comes with a travel pouch for $105.

Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim Travel Compact Epilator

If there’s an epilator that’s specifically designed for travel, this is it. The most compact and slimmest epilator ever conceived, it is easy to carry and easy to store, designed with a smaller head for a more accurate grooming session. Battery-operated so you can use it anytime. It also comes with a brush for easy cleaning. Your $24.95 is surely well spent with this.


We all know that looking good while travelling is pretty hard to maintain but with dealing with those unwanted facial hair, you’re at least one step closer to that goal. An epilator to bring depends really on your personal opinions, so take your pick and test them out. There is something for every price range within our list, so whatever your budget you’ll have a travel option for your grooming needs.


The Best Affordable Epilators: Cheap Epilators Up To The Task

emjoi divineIn the grooming industry, hair products are among those that are the most expensive, even the products for making unwanted hair go away and the tools we use to make that happen. Unless we undergo a surgical procedure to permanently stop hair from growing (which is pretty expensive, by the way), cheap Epilators are probably our best bet for keeping our hair in control without a huge outlay.

Some do shaving, some do waxing, while some hires professionals or goes to salons. In a nutshell, we all are looking for a way to weed out unwanted hair, and do it not so often. We all value our time, after all.

Luckily, epilating has been introduced in the scene. It’s effective as it pulls out the hair from the root, and we need not do it after, for usually another four weeks or so. The results that this method of grooming promises are really great, but the epilators can sometimes break the bank, especially those that offers a great deal of features. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out the top 3 best cheap products that will give you almost the same results, if not the same, that pricey epilators can deliver.

Emjoi Divine Hair Remover

This Epilator is one of the cheapest to come with full features. A lot of the cheaper epilators may be smaller or battery powered, not the case with the Emjoi divine which has 36 tweezers, so, unlike some of the other cheaper epilators, this can deal with large areas such as legs.

Emjoi Tweeze

Epilating is a painful process. Imagine pulling out a bunch of hair all at the same time. Emjoi Tweeze makes it more bearable. It’s gentle to the skin and is compact and portable so you can bring it anywhere you go. Battery-operated and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous usage. The head is relatively small compared to a lot of other epilators which can help pinpoint precision. Value for money. $20.

Epilady Face Epil

Made by the pioneer in bodily grooming, Epilady Face Epil is a little monster. With 6 tweezers tuned to remove even the finest and coarsest hair in the body, it is great to use for both facial hair and hair in the more sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini area. Battery-operated and a small design for portability as it can easily fit in bags, pouches, etc. $25 isn’t that bad of a price considering what this little lady can do.

Bonus Product:


Bellabe can be considered as the simplest product mentioned here. The epilating process is still followed but it doesn’t use electricity. Comes in a variety of colors, Bellabe is made up of two handles and a spring in the middle which captures the hair by forming an upside down “U” using the two handles. Put it in the hair you want to pull out, roll the handles with the thumb, and hair is gone. $17.

Who says epilating is expensive? These epilators we’ve listed are the cheapest and the most affordable but can really get the job done. That’s why a lot of people go towards this method. You could do it virtually anywhere: at the comfort of your own home, while travelling, while at work, or even while you’re picking stuff up for grocery. And with these affordable yet quality options, you never have to worry about going outside your budget.

Wet and Dry Epilators: Reviewing the Best

silk-epilThe more effective a hair grooming method is, the more painful it can be. Shaving, although almost painless, can be a lot more inefficient and the side effects are just too much to put up with. Thicker hair growths, darker skin in the shaved area, and that is just to name a few. Tweezing is pretty painful, ineffective over large areas and can cause a irritation and ingrown hair, and well lets not even talk about waxing… Epilation, though, considered by many as one of the best methods, it can cause some discomfort, especially for the first few sessions. But as you grow accustomed to the pain, it becomes bearable, and the results are worth it.

There are certain epilators that indicate “dry” while some indicates “wet” or both. This only refers to the environment you can use the epilator within. When it doesn’t indicate anything, we automatically assume that it is a “dry” only epilator. This means that you can’t get it wet (no really, don’t get it wet!). This may cause your epilator to breakdown and stop functioning altogether, or worse. It also means that the area where you’ll use the epilator should be dry. The advantage of dry epilators relies on the function. Dry epilation tend to pull out hair effectively as it doesn’t stick that much to your skin.

There are certain epilators that has the best of both worlds. You can use it dry, or you can use it wet. This means you can groom even while taking a shower, relaxing in the tub, or just doing it in the sink. Having the option to use the product underwater has a lot to do with your pain tolerance. If you find epilating really painful, you should consider applying warm water to the area before you do it. The warm water will help regulate more blood in the area and will keep it moist to prevent irritation.

Quick Review: Braun SE7681 Silk-Epil Wet and Dry

If you’re looking to buy an epilator that functions in both dry and wet environment, the Braun SE7681 Wet and Dry Epilator may well be your best bet. Manufactured by one of the leading brands in hair grooming, the functionality is top of the line. With built-in 40 close-grip tweezers, a lot of its users’ reviews are statements of how awesome this little monster is. Can remove hair even as fine as sand (0.5mm) and the area stays smooth for up to 4 weeks, impressive by anybody’s standards. Battery-operated, so great for taking away with you if needs be, and can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous epilating session. Though a little pricey, this may be your go-to epilator with its awesome features and versatility.

Surely, Braun has made a winning move with this epilator. It is by far the most sought after epilator in the market nowadays and a lot of women just love it. Functionality wise, I think it’s the best. Although the price is somewhat heavy, considering the previous version is of the same quality. The add-ons are pretty generic and that’s what made the price higher than the previous release.

A Cheaper Alternative…

Remington EP7030

Just a quick note on this model from Remington, too. Our budgets don’t all extend to enough to buy the Braun model already discussed, but this offers a great alternative for almost half the price. It isn’t quite up to the standard of the Braun, but a flexible head to account for the shape and contour of your body, a detail light to help you finding even really tiny, hard to reach hairs, and 40 tweezers claiming to create up to 6 weeks of smooth skin, this option certainly shouldn’t be disregarded.

The epilator featured is a winner, because it has excellent functionality, flexibility (since you can use it almost anywhere). Being able to epilate under running water significantly reduces pain and it’s good especially for people who have low pain tolerance.