The Best Epilators on the Market

best epilators to useEpilators are a beauty product which have grown a huge amount in the last few years as people search for a hair removal solution. Unwanted hair is a problem that most of us deal with at some stage in our lives, but the methods of removal can be difficult, ineffective such as shaving which only helps in the short term or even painful like waxing! Epilating is a long term solution which helps no matter where your hair is. Whether you’re a woman looking to wax her legs, underarms, bikini line or other areas, or a man with unwanted back hair, this could just be your saviour…

Of course, as with any product, there are loads of variations out there and choosing which epilator to buy can be a bit of a minefield, which we are here to guide you through! We have lots of articles here on the site reviewing the best epilators on the market, and we discuss features, pain (and how to keep your suffering to a minimum) price and all of the information you’re going to need when making your choice.

Size/Amount of Tweezers

An Epilator is technically an collection of tweezers which simultaneously pull the hair out using an electronic mechanism, so when you look at the features of an individual product you will see an ‘amount of tweezers’ section. Some have up to 80 or 72, which is a really huge amount, and these will be great for the larger areas of your body such as your legs or for a man, your back. You can also get smaller models which are designed for more intricate and detailed areas such as your face or pubic area, and can remove hair from areas such as the chin or underarms with ease. The size you should buy depends largely on what you intend to use it for. Some epilators have multiple heads, allowing for different sizes and functions. These are the most versatile, and among the best models that there are.

Recommended model:

Top “Wet and Dry” Epilators

braun epilatorsMany of these types of product are advertised as wet and dry. What does that mean? Well, as you may have guessed it means it is suitable for use in water. This opens up many new possibilities for you – using it in the shower or using water at some point in the process can do a lot for you, not only does it greatly help with the mess as the extra hairs just wash away, it can do a lot for the pain you might experience. Showering has been shown to help the pores to open up and allow hair to come out easier, it can also have a slight numbing effect on the skin which helps. Which leads us on to the next feature, the ouch factor.

Corded/Cordless and Battery Life

This is something that every electronic product has to take into account these days. Lithium Ion batteries have revolutionised the way a lot of products run and increase the battery life considerably. Cordless models rely on their battery life being good quality and some can go for a huge amount of time on a small charge, but if you’re constantly near to a power supply you may not want to pay extra for a huge battery life. On the other hand, if you’re constantly on the go, being able to use it cordlessly for a long period of time can be a huge benefit, we’ve got a lot of info on the best travel epilators here on the site too.


The speed is another factor which should be considered. Some Epilators have just the one speed, which can be fine, but the best models out there tend to have multiple speeds and allow you to choose, the benefits of this are that you can control the ‘efficiency’ and how quickly you’re getting rid of the hair, or slow things down for a more gentle process.

Making Epilating Hurt Less

There’s no getting around it, the process of epilation can be painful, just like waxing (although most agree that it is nowhere near as painful as waxing). Fortunately, as well as choosing the best epilators for sensitive skin and the ones which have been designed to make sure your skin isn’t in pain while you go through the motions, there are things you can do. We have a whole article about making the process hurt less, which is something you’ll probably want to read, and there are things you can do which don’t cost you anything (using ice packs or using it in the shower for instance) and there are also products such as numbing creams which can be used to greatly reduce the pain of the process, the same kind you may use if you were going to get a tattoo (don’t worry, there’s nowhere near as much pain as getting a tattoo). Making the correct choice when buying an Epilator is vital too, as some can help you out a lot by doing things like massaging the skin in order to help.

Best Epilator Brands

A few Epilator brands are above and beyond the rest, and there are names which you see over and over again.

Braun – One of the best out there, they manufacture a huge amount of electronic products around the world but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re not experts, as their range of Epilators is probably the best. You may know them from the ‘Silk-Epil’ range which is something you’ll hear mentioned a lot here on the site, they have multiple models which suit different needs so there is something in this range for everyone with some hair they want rid of.

Emjoi – The other prolific manufacturer are more known for beauty products, they have a lot of models including specialist facial epilators and clever products which can help with your specific needs.

Philips – You won’t need me to tell you about this company, they’re hugely famous around the world and just like Braun manufacture loads besides epilators, but add some interesting products to the mix in the world of hair removal.

Recommended Models of Epilator

SE7681 Silk-épil 7

As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, the Braun Silk Epil range of Epilators is hugely influential, and the first model we’re going to talk about in any depth here is their SE7681 Silk-épil 7. A model which, though a little on the pricier end of the spectrum, is packed with features that put it above and beyond the competition.

Click here for more reviews and full features of this model.

The first huge selling point of the epilator is its multiple caps, it has five different attachments which allow you to achieve different things, for instance one is for the face, another is designed for speed and efficiency (getting rid of hair in large areas like the back or legs) and there is a sensitive areas cap designed as you might have guessed for the areas more susceptible to getting sore.

This is also a wet and dry model, meaning you can use it in the shower, and it also has a massaging head which has a huge amount of influence on the pain factor, and helps make this one of the most pain free epilators on the market.

The silk epil boasts being able to remove even the tiniest of hairs, and staying smooth for a long time after use, but does it live up to the hype it has created for itself?

Full list of features:

  • Claims to be the best epilator they’ve ever created
  • Smartlight to light up the area in question and ensure you see any hairs you may miss
  • A pivoting head is designed to work with the contour of your body and ensure efficiency
  • Multiple speeds to choose between a softer and more efficient massage
  • Has been known to last up to 45 minutes off a single charge of 60 minutes

Of course the manufacturers have made their epilator sound good, but you don’t have to take their word for it, out of over a thousand reviews on amazon, most have rated it a five star product, which says it all about the experience those have had with this epilator, truly one of the top models out there.

Philips Satinelle HP6401 Epilator

We wanted to discuss another option for you here too, and the Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is exactly that, it has a much lower retail price than its competitor above (click here to check the current price) but that doesn’t make it a huge compromise on quality, and the 6401 can still do the business for a lot of us. It is optimised to remove hair anywhere between 0.4mm and upwards, claiming that the optimum length is between 3 and 4 mm (remember, you can always trim beforehand) and although this isn’t a wet and dry model it is washable to ensure the best in hygiene.

A major selling point is the efficiency cap which is very helpful an helps to ensure that sensitive areas don’t experience a lot of pain. Comes complete with a two year warranty from Philips who are indeed one of the top manufacturers of electronic products in the whole world.


Which Epilator is the one for you is dependent largely on what you need it for, how frequently it will be used, on which areas and even your pain tolerance, but the above two provide some excellent options for you, and the massive range of Epilator reviews we have here on the site won’t lead you far adrift. Our goal is to be the number one resource online when it comes to hair removal and beauty and provide you with all of the information you need to make a wise, informed decision. Still need some help making a choice? Here is one of our favourite videos on the subject of removing hair and getting started with your Epilator!